How To Turn Your Laptop Into A Teleprompter

How To Turn Your Laptop Into A Teleprompter

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So, you have installed a virtual teleprompter, and you are ready to record your next video or participate in a conference.

If you are not used to reading on a teleprompter, there may be a reading curve.

Some people get used to it faster than others, but here are a few tips to help you get up and running faster.

  • Make sure you can read the copy without squinting or doing anything unusual when you’re setting things up.
  • You want to read the script without making it obvious that you’re doing so.
  • Practice with your teleprompter after it’s installed.
  • It’s all about practise, practise, practise.
  • It may take some time to become used to reading from a teleprompter and maintaining a natural, conversational tempo, but rehearsing before your first film with the teleprompter is a good idea.

You can adjust the transparency of the virtual teleprompter overlay, speed, font size, and colors.

Fine-tune everything and look natural and professional even while reading or referencing your notes.

Click on Virtual teleprompter to launch the app.

The application will launch and you need to click the green “Proceed” button in the top left corner to proceed.

Copy and Paste your speech or talking notes into the app and press the green “Start” button in the top left corner.

The next step is to position the teleprompter app on top of your meeting application.

The virtual teleprompter app has adjustable transparency so you can fine-tune the overlay to your liking.

Below are screenshots of the teleprompter app running on Windows 10 using Webex, Zoom, and Teams.


Open the Webex application as normal. The critical meeting controls are on the bottom of the screen so you want to avoid putting the teleprompter app over the mute button, webcam on/off button, screen share etc.


Open the Zoom application as normal. The critical meeting controls are on the bottom of the screen so you want to avoid putting the teleprompter app over the mute button, webcam on/off button, screenshare etc.

MS Teams

Open the Microsoft Teams application as normal. The meeting controls are on the top right of the screen so you want to avoid putting the teleprompter over the mute button, webcam on/off button etc.

How To Turn Your Laptop Into A Teleprompter

Virtual Teleprompter Instructions

Step by step instructions

Preparing for your presentation

1. Open the “Virtual teleprompter” from the start menu.

Virtual Teleprompter start menu item
Virtual Teleprompter start menu item

2. To get started, click the green “Proceed” button in the top left corner.

Virtual Teleprompter home screen
Virtual Teleprompter home screen How To Turn Your Laptop Into A Teleprompter

3. Copy and Paste your speech or talking notes from MS Word, OneNote, Notepad, Email etc in the virtual teleprompter text-box.Note: click in the text-box and press Ctrl+V on your keyboard to paste the copied text.

Virtual Teleprompter speech screen
Virtual Teleprompter speech screen

4. Make any final formatting adjustments such as bold, italitc, underline and then press the green “Start” button

Virtual Teleprompter setup screen
Virtual Teleprompter setup screen

5. Change the font by hovering over the Font menu item.

You can increase or decrease the font size, change the font color to Black, White, Green, Yellow or Magenta.

Virtual Teleprompter font settings
Virtual Teleprompter font settings

6. Change the teleprompter transparency by hovering over the transparency menu item.

You can make the back-light lighter or darker to suit.

Virtual Teleprompter transparency settings
Virtual Teleprompter transparency settings

7.Alignment options

The “LTR (Default)” option sets the text direction left-to-right which is suitable most languages.

The “RTL” option sets the text direction right-to-left for Hebrew and Arabic languages.

The “Center” option will center the text.

Virtual Teleprompter alignment settings
Virtual Teleprompter alignment settings

8. Other buttons and options.

Click the “Reset speech” button to start over from the top of the speech and restart the timer.

Click the “Go back” button to go back and edit your speech.

Click the “Exit” to shut down the application.

Press Enter, Space Bar or Left Click to start or pause the scrolling.

Press the UP and DOWN Arrows on your keyboard to adjust the speed of the scrolling.

Use the Scroll Bar to easily jump backwards and forwards through the speech.

9. Position the teleprompter ontop of your meeting application i.e. Webex, Teams, Zoom etc so you have a nice overlay.

During your presentation

Great! You’ve done all your preparation, and now you’re on-air! Viewers watch live events because they want to learn or understand the presenters thinking process, problem-solving approach, strategy, or to learn something new. That brings us to the next tips to use during your event:

  • Start using the Virtual Teleprompter so you can avoid trying to memorise notes, minimise stress, anxiety and feel confident.
  • If you need to share your screen or presentation we strongly suggest sharing a specific app. This tip is crucial if you have multiple windows open. For instance if you need to share a PowerPoint presentation to your audience and use the Virtual Teleprompter.
  • In order to share a specific app you need to select the option that says “share an application” rather than “share screen”. When you share an application i.e. PowerPoint, only the Powerpoint application will be shared to attendees regardless of whatever else you have on screen at the time.
  • In the Webex screenshot below you can see the different sharing options are Screen 1, Screen 2, and all the individual apps that you have open. If you are only intending to share a PowerPoint presentation then the strong recommendation is to share the Powerpoint app itself (not the entire screen i.e screen 1). In general, sharing the app also sends through a better quality image to the attendees and it also avoids any other content being shown by accident like chat messages, pop-up reminders, teleprompters etc.
  • This will allow you to share the PowerPoint and not be worried about other applications being shared by accident.
Sceenshare the virtual teleprompter in Webex
Sceenshare the virtual teleprompter in Webex

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