Iowa Woman Charged with Second-Degree Murder of Minnesota DJ Liara Tsai

Iowa Woman Charged with Second-Degree Murder of Minnesota DJ Liara Tsai

Margot Lewis faces charges of second-degree murder after the tragic death of Liara Tsai, a Minnesota DJ and activist, whose body was found in a vehicle following a car accident in Olmsted County.

Bollywood Fever: Margot Lewis, an Iowa woman, has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of Liara Tsai, a 35-year-old Minnesota DJ and activist. The charges come after a series of disturbing events that unfolded in Olmsted County, Minnesota.

Last Saturday, deputies from the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office responded to a single-vehicle car accident and discovered Lewis being assisted by a Good Samaritan. Inside Tsai’s vehicle, authorities made a grim discovery—a human body wrapped in bedding, a mattress, and covered with a tarp, showing signs of severe trauma, including a puncture wound to the neck.

Iowa Woman Charged with Second-Degree Murder of Minnesota DJ Liara Tsai

A subsequent investigation revealed that Tsai, who was found deceased at the scene, had sustained multiple sharp force injuries. Medical evidence pointed to a homicide, contradicting initial suspicions that her death was related to the car accident.

Further details emerged as investigators connected Lewis to Tsai, identifying her as a former romantic partner. Evidence gathered from Tsai’s Minneapolis apartment, where a bloody scene was discovered, further implicated Lewis. The apartment revealed significant bloodstains and the absence of a steak knife from the kitchen, suspected to be a weapon used in the crime.

Surveillance footage corroborated Lewis’s presence with Tsai before the incident, showing Tsai’s vehicle at the Minneapolis airport around the time of the crime. Tsai’s former spouse provided additional details of Lewis’s planned visit to Tsai, aligning with the timeline of events.

During her apprehension and subsequent processing, Lewis exhibited uncooperative behavior, refusing verbal communication and showing resistance to evidence collection. She reportedly engaged in a vow of silence and displayed physical resistance when authorities attempted to collect evidence from her person.

Currently held in custody in Olmsted County with bail set at $1.5 million, Lewis faces charges of second-degree murder with and without intent, highlighting the tragic outcome of what investigators believe was a tumultuous relationship.

The case continues to unfold as authorities gather more evidence and await further developments in the investigation into the death of Liara Tsai.

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