iRecorder screen recorder app secretly recording?

iRecorder screen recorder app secretly recording

iRecorder screen recorder app secretly recording?

Attention Android users: A disturbing revelation has emerged regarding the iRecorder screen recording app, a popular choice among Android users. Cybersecurity researchers from ESET have discovered that this seemingly innocuous app has been engaging in illicit activities, including covertly spying on its users. It has been reported that the app was secretly recording conversations, as well as pilfering sensitive documents from the unsuspecting victims’ smartphones.

iRecorder screen recorder app secretly recording

Initially introduced as a harmless screen recording application in 2021, the iRecorder app garnered over 50,000 downloads on the Google Play store. However, according to cybersecurity experts, it is believed that the app underwent a malicious transformation sometime in August of the same year.

ESET has identified that the app contained a malware strain named AhRat, derived from the notorious AhMyth malware. Once the unsuspecting users updated the app, they unwittingly exposed their devices to this insidious malware. The app’s primary function was indeed screen recording, providing legitimate functionality. However, unbeknownst to its users, the iRecorder app had a nefarious agenda.

Lukas Stefanko, a malware researcher at ESET, warns that in addition to its ostensible purpose, the malicious iRecorder app was capable of clandestinely recording audio from the device’s microphone. These covertly obtained audio snippets were then transmitted to the attacker’s command and control server. What’s more, this surreptitious malware had the ability to pilfer various forms of data, including documents, web pages, images, audio, and video from the victim’s phone. Once acquired, these ill-gotten files were promptly dispatched to the cyber criminal’s server for storage and potential misuse.

When users downloaded the iRecorder app, they were initially prompted to grant necessary permissions for the app to access their phone’s photos, media, and files. Given its purported purpose as a recording app, these permissions did not raise immediate suspicion among users. Unfortunately, this deceptive tactic facilitated the app’s malicious activities, putting users’ privacy and security at significant risk.

Following the discovery of this alarming breach of trust, the iRecorder app has been promptly removed from the Google Play store. However, ESET has issued a stern warning to Android users, urging them to diligently check their smartphones for any trace of this malicious app and promptly delete it to safeguard their privacy.

It is worth noting that while the iRecorder app has been removed from the official Google Play store, it may still be found on unofficial and alternative Android markets. Hence, Android users are strongly advised to exercise caution and remain vigilant in ensuring their devices are not compromised by this insidious malware.

Source: 7News

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