Is an Apple Watch worth buying it?

Is an Apple Watch worth buying it?

Is an Apple Watch worth buying it?

Deciding whether or not an Apple Watch is worth your time and money can be complicated.

While it’s evident to most people that they need a smartphone or laptop to stay in touch with the world, a smartwatch feels more like a fun, optional extra.

Ultimately, it kind of is, but it also offers some crucial benefits that soon make it a must-own for many people.

The problem? Working out if you’re one of those people or not.

The Apple Watch 7, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch 3 are all available to buy at varying prices, but none are precisely cheap impulse purchases.

When money is tighter than ever, you don’t want to spend too much on something unnecessary for your way of life.

Suppose you’re trying to decide whether to buy an Apple Watch or not; read on.

We’ve taken a look at use cases for which the stylish timepiece is worth the investment – and some reasons why you might want to give it a miss.

The Apple Watch offers plenty of ways to track your workouts.

You can leave it to do its thing automatically or set it for a specific exercise with the Watch to track everything from walking, running, and swimming to tai chi and even dancing.

It’s a great way to check your progress and see how you’re doing each time. Rather than noticing the differences over time, you can always check your Apple Watch stats to see how your running pace is coming down or how you burn more calories each day.

Tied into the above, the Apple Watch is a fantastic source of encouragement.

Thanks to its Activity ring system, it gives you daily targets on how many calories to burn, how much exercise to partake in, and how many times you should stand up.

Is an Apple Watch worth buying it?

Is an Apple Watch worth buying it?

It might sound gimmicky, but in a few days of owning one, you’ll soon find yourself wanting to complete those rings every day, no matter what.

Alongside that, the system also dishes out monthly targets and awards, encouraging you to walk, run, or complete a specific workout like dance for a time.

They’re targeted to your abilities, so they’re reasonably achievable even if you’re starting.

You can even set up competitions with Apple Watch-owning friends to further encourage you.

Watches fell out of fashion when smartphones rose, but they’re making a comeback.

Like any fashion item, some of us like dressing up our Watch, depending on the occasion.

The Apple Watch offers plenty of different strap options, so you can easily find the style that suits you.

Easy to swap out, you can have one band for the office, another for the gym, and a third for meals or dates. It’s a nice extension of you.

Are you the type who only remembers a meeting or appointment because you’ve set a reminder for yourself? While your phone can help here, having reminders sent straight to your wrist helps impart a sense of urgency, and you don’t have to keep checking your phone, worrying you’ve missed something.

Notifications come through for calls, messages, meetings, and almost everything else that generally shows up on your phone, so the Apple Watch can be a relatively powerful source of information right on your wrist.

No gadget like the Apple Watch offers more information than a doctor or lab test results, but it can provide insight into how your body is doing.

It’s not like you’ll have a professional medical scanner available on your wrist at all times, but the latest Apple Watches offer an ECG feature that monitors your heart rate and looks for any irregularities.

While not perfect, there have been cases of this feature spotting issues early on, leading the wearers to pursue official medical opinions.

Also, the Apple Watch’s blood oxygen sensor, available on the Apple Watch 6 and above, allows you to gauge blood oxygen levels.

Again, these features aren’t essential for everyone, but if you suffer from specific health issues, assessing whether you’re doing too much via the Watch can give you peace of mind.

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