Israel Adesanya’s Ex-Girlfriend Drags Him to Court, Demands Half of His Wealth

Israel Adesanya’s Ex-Girlfriend Drags Him to Court, Demands Half of His Wealth

Israel Adesanya’s Ex-Girlfriend Drags Him to Court, Demands Half of His Wealth

It has been reported that Israel Adesanya, a mixed martial artist of New Zealander and Nigerian descent, is facing legal action from his former girlfriend. 

The individual in question is said to be Charlotte Powdrell, with whom Adesanya’s romantic involvement became public knowledge approximately four years ago, following their first public appearance together.

According to a report by Sportskeeda, Israel Adesanya and Charlotte Powdrell’s relationship first made headlines when a photograph of the two of them posing together surfaced online shortly after Adesanya’s triumph over Robert Whittaker at UFC 243. 

Israel Adesanya’s Ex-Girlfriend Drags Him to Court, Demands Half of His Wealth

However, recent reports indicate that the situation has taken a contentious turn, as Powdrell, who works as a real estate agent in New Zealand, is purportedly seeking fifty percent of Adesanya’s net worth. This development may potentially result in controversy for the mixed martial artist, who is commonly known as ‘the Last Stylebender’.

During a recent podcast streamed on the Suga YouTube channel, UFC fighter Sean O’Malley shared a new revelation regarding Israel Adesanya and Charlotte Powdrell’s relationship. 

O’Malley revealed that contrary to previous assumptions, Powdrell was never actually married to the UFC Middleweight champion, and they did not have any children together. However, O’Malley also expressed his belief that Powdrell deserves to receive fifty percent of Adesanya’s wealth, citing her support for Adesanya’s career as a contributing factor.

“Izzy’s [Israel Adesanya’s] ex-girlfriend…They are not married, right they were never married I didn’t believe it. She wants half of his assets,” O’Malley said.

“I don’t know how their relationship was because I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend, but to want half of what he’s gone out there and done is absolutely ridiculous.”

According to reports, Israel Adesanya and Charlotte Powdrell have ended their relationship, although the exact cause of the split remains unknown. Recently, the UFC champion posted a series of biting Instagram Stories that appear to be aimed at his ex-girlfriend. Adesanya even referenced the recent controversy involving Achraf Hakimi, a professional footballer. These actions suggest that the breakup may not have been amicable. The news was first reported by Sportskeeda.

Even weeks after Israel Adesanya won back his UFC title from Bruno Silva Pereira, the two middleweight fighters continue to trade barbs on social media. Adesanya emerged victorious with a second-round knockout over Pereira on April 8, finally securing a victory over the Brazilian after three previous attempts. However, according to a report by Sports Brief, Pereira remains convinced that he is the superior fighter, despite his recent loss to the Last Stylebender.

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