The Good Life actress took to Twitter on Monday night where she shared her views on the beauty mogul’s new product.

Jameela Jamil wants everyone to love their bodies — scars, skin conditions, stretch marks and all.

Kim has recently launched the Body Collection line, which includes full-coverage foundation designed for all skin except on the face.


Jameela took posted on twitter

Hard pass. God damn the work to take it all off before bed so it doesn’t destroy your sheets… I’d rather just make peace with my million stretch marks and eczema. Taking off my mascara is enough of a pain in the arse. Save money and time and give yourself a damn break.


And posted her stretch mark via Instagram

Boob stretch marks are a normal, beautiful thing. I have stretch marks all over my body and I hereby rename them all Babe Marks. They are a sign my body dared to take up extra space in a society that demands our eternal thinness. They are my badge of honour for resisting society’s weaponizing of the female form. ❤️ ps. My face is white because I wear spf 100 sunscreen like a boss. ? PS. LOVE YOUR BROWN SKIN. I tan responsibly but I love to tan! I love to embrace and celebrate my heritage. This skin bleaching and whitening should be banned. It’s inherently racist, classist and emotionally very damaging.


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    ALL the hair in this house not connected to a living being is gray.
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    room and under the furniture.

    one piece swimsuits Much like he first tried
    talking to Kreese, I think he would have gone to Johnny and tried to ask him why he
    was starting the Dojo. Daniel immediately took exception to Johnny kicking the shit out of Kyler and the
    Douche Brigade. But that actually EXACTLY what Mr.
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    win. There’s very few flaws in his game. Mainly jury management is what screwed him over.
    Same! For dogs it’s about $125 and often they’ll have donations to help subsidize it lower and
    it’s pretty cheap for cats. After Harvey they had so many cats they only charged $10, we adopted one and then I started crying because
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    they just handed him the other one at no charge. But a
    lot of people had made donations to make it so cheap, I think cats are normally $35.
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    It honestly sounds from all of your comments that in your
    husband eyes, your brother will never really make up for it,
    so you gonna have to decide if you going to completely cut him out
    of your life cause your husband can get over it or not. He doesn want your brother
    in your life but he has no solid reason why anymore, which is why he won actually
    have a conversation with you about it anymore. I personally wouldn if my brother paid it back and is a better person but it wasn my
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    The young sales people are not trained to do that.
    Some may do it, but they simply do not do it properly.
    Being attacked by groups of black kids (sad to say, one of them was Andre
    about 2 years later) really started to change
    my perspective and I hated that it was happening.
    I wasn raised by my family to think like that, but the reality for me was that avoiding them was a practical safety measure.
    Sure, a group of black kids hanging out didn necessarily mean that they were dangerous, but how many times did
    I need to prove that it was with my belongings or with bruises to
    realize it wasn worth taking the chance?. Bathing Suits

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    company has got to be at the top of nearly every regulator’s wishlist.
    Subprime mortgages have caused a lot of grief in this country so sticking it to
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    Our position is this, very clear. The transition is happening now.
    We see large cities around the world adopting these types of policies.

    WMLP owns and operates six augers throughout its mining complexes.

    WMLP also utilizes highwall miner systems. WMLP owns or leases most of the
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    Bathing Suits She was given permission. Granted it was after the fact, but it wasn even a repost of the post, it
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    I really thinking that there an overreacting, overreaching mod who has made it a personal grudge.
    That the only explanation that makes sense Bathing Suits.

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    All of them build with the Seed as it core and if the creator wants they can be connected
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    bikini swimsuit Lately, he been mentioning the “severe psychomotor retardation”,
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    haha. Ha. Cry.. It should be pretty easy to bring up if you can get conversation going.
    If you struggle talking to new people then stereotype based
    on appearance for a start (hippie, stoner, street styles should do although people that dress
    dadcore still smoke) and ask. It be pretty upfront and feel maybe a little skeevy but fairly reliable..
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    Bathing Suits During Gandhi’s student days, he stayed in a boarding house.
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