Janice Dickinson Criticizes Tyra Banks Over ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Allegations

Janice Dickinson Criticizes Tyra Banks Over 'America’s Next Top Model' Allegations

Janice Dickinson calls out Tyra Banks for alleged behavior on the set of ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ revealing details of their feud. The controversy includes claims of lateness and on-set tension.

Bollywood Fever: Janice Dickinson has reignited her feud with Tyra Banks, criticizing the supermodel for her alleged behavior on the set of “America’s Next Top Model.” Dickinson, 69, shared her thoughts on an episode of “The Bachelorette” star Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “Off the Vine” podcast, where she described Banks, 50, as “not a friendly lady.”

Reflecting on their time together on the hit reality show in the mid-2000s, Dickinson admitted to “torturing” Banks to stay under the radar. “If she was going to be mean to the girls — I saw her ploy, just so I could remain under the radar,” Dickinson recalled. “I’d tell her things like, ‘I did Vogue, you did Elle.’”

Dickinson also claimed that Banks was “always late” to the show’s set, keeping everyone waiting for hours during the filming of Season 4’s final episodes in Cape Town, South Africa. This delay occurred despite the lack of air conditioning, causing significant discomfort for the cast and crew.

Bristowe, 39, who had limited interaction with Banks when she hosted “Dancing With the Stars” in 2020, was surprised by Dickinson’s revelations. “How did she get away with all that?” Bristowe asked. Dickinson replied, “It was her show. She was the EP.”

Dickinson further asserted that Banks did not create “America’s Next Top Model,” stating, “She claims she created it, but she did not. I met the guy who created it.”

Janice Dickinson Criticizes Tyra Banks Over 'America’s Next Top Model' Allegations

A source close to the former production defended Banks, stating to the New York Post, “It’s sad and childish that Janice is trying to drag Tyra, but unsurprising as she has a history of speaking negatively about her.”

Banks has previously mentioned keeping in touch with some contestants from the show. The Post has reached out to Banks’ representative for comment.

In a 2015 interview on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Dickinson expressed regret over her past comments about Banks. “Tyra’s a tough businesswoman, and she does great TV. I respect her as a woman,” she said at the time. “I’ve said some pretty bad things about her in the past because I’d been fired, and I was very hurt that I’d been fired, so I acted out.”

Dickinson’s 2023 interview with Queerty revealed more details about their contentious relationship, which she claims led to her firing. She alleged that Banks used her ideas without giving proper credit, which prompted her to ask for parity as a writer and producer. According to Dickinson, Banks turned her back on her, leading to her dismissal from the show.

Both Dickinson and Banks faced online backlash in 2022 after controversial moments from “America’s Next Top Model” resurfaced. One clip showed the judges criticizing Season 3 contestant Kelle Jacob, who is Black, for her “horrendous” fashion due to her darker complexion. In response to the backlash, Dickinson defended her behavior on the show, stating in an Instagram video, “It was acting. And that’s that.”

The renewed feud between Dickinson and Banks highlights ongoing tensions and differing perspectives on their time together on “America’s Next Top Model,” offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the popular reality series.

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