Jeff Wittek: I deleted the documentary off YouTube

Jeff Wittek: I deleted the documentary off YouTube

Jeff Wittek continues to go off on David Dobrik & claims that the truth will come out soon.

Jeff Wittek: I deleted the documentary off YouTube

I deleted the documentary off YouTube. That shit was made to protect David when I was still blind to who he really was (no pun intended) I’m recutting it and telling the truth this time. I don’t care about money. This kid has plenty from @Snapchat and keeps pushing back trial.

I’m sick of people commenting saying you agreed like I was doing some jackass stunt for clout. The truth will come out soon.

YouTuber Jeff Wittek has criticized Snapchat for collaborating with David Dobrik, stating that this partnership is the reason he stopped posting on his own account.

In 2021, Jeff Wittek, a former member of the Vlog Squad, was involved in a serious accident while filming a video with David Dobrik, who was operating an excavator. This incident resulted in Wittek sustaining a severe eye injury.

Since then, Wittek and Dobrik’s friendship has deteriorated, leading to public disputes and, ultimately, Wittek filing a lawsuit against Dobrik in June 2022.

Although both have remained relatively quiet about the incident since the lawsuit, on May 21, 2024, Jeff Wittek publicly criticized Snapchat for their association with Dobrik.

“Yooo Snapchat you’re paying a guy that smashed my skull in for a prank and left me with lifelong injuries,” Wittek tweeted. “He also filmed and organized multiple sexual assaults. That’s why I stopped posting. I don’t want blood money.”

Snapchat’s official Twitter/X account responded, prompting Wittek to clarify his comments, explicitly naming Dobrik.

“His name is David Dobrik and he’s traveling the world partying on your dime. While I have another surgery next month.”

Dobrik has primarily used Snapchat to share his content with fans in recent years, a strategy many influencers have adopted alongside their main platforms. Additionally, Dobrik occasionally posts on Instagram and TikTok, where he shares videos of his travels and giveaways with his nearly 40 million followers.

Meanwhile, Wittek continues to produce content on his YouTube channel, Jeff’s Barbershop, and hosts his podcast, Jeff FM. He also manages his own line of custom haircare products under the Jeff’s Barbershop brand.

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