Katie Thurston shares her story of being raped and Criticizes Justice System

Katie Thurston shares her story of being raped and Criticizes Justice System

“Bachelorette” star Katie Thurston shares her story of being raped and criticizes the justice system for its failures. She encourages other survivors with a message of strength and belief.

Bollywood Fever: Katie Thurston has bravely revealed a traumatic incident to the world, sharing that she was raped and feels deeply let down by the justice system.

The former star of “The Bachelorette” Season 17 took to Instagram on Friday to share parts of her harrowing experience, along with resources for others who have endured sexual assault and rape.

Thurston explained that while she isn’t ready to delve into specific details, she did call 911 to report the incident, leading an officer to take her for a sexual assault forensic exam. She described feeling like a “vulnerable child” during the process and credited the nurse and advocate for their support during the examination.

The forensic kit took four months to process, during which time Thurston sought therapy and educated herself on how to engage with detectives investigating her case. She handed over all evidence to investigators, including texts, phone call records, DNA, videos, and her own body. Despite this, she feels her pursuit of justice was halted, though she did not specify how.

Katie Thurston shares her story of being raped and Criticizes Justice System

“This isn’t a loss for just me,” Thurston wrote. “It’s yet another loss in a broken system. Change happens in failure, and the justice system failed me. And continues to fail thousands every single day.”

She concluded her post with an encouraging message to her followers, reminding them of their value and strength and affirming her belief in them.

Katie Thurston found love with Blake Moynes during her season of “The Bachelorette,” though the couple split in 2021. She later dated John Hershey, another contestant from her season, but they ended their relationship in 2022.

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