Kick Bans Johnny Somali for Encouraging Violent Behavior

Kick Bans Johnny Somali for Encouraging Violent Behavior

Kick Bans Johnny Somali for Encouraging Violent Behavior

Kick has imposed a temporary suspension on Johnny Somali for “promoting violent behavior” following his live stream in Israel.

The action against Johnny Somali, whose real name is Ismael Ramsey Khalid, comes after his arrest in Japan on two separate occasions. Kick’s decision to ban the streamer occurred shortly after he embarked on his most recent IRL (In Real Life) journey. The ban was enforced on March 20, and Somali has expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision.

Somali shared screenshots indicating that Kick cited “promoting violent behavior” as the reason for his ban, which is set to be lifted on March 27, rendering the ban effective for a week.

In discussions on Discord, Somali attributed his ban to his presence in Israel and encouraged his followers to “crash out.”

There have been unverified claims suggesting Somali issued death threats during his stream. However, Somali contends that his ban was unjust and stemmed from his statement about defending himself against a stream sniper.

This ban follows Somali’s announcement of his plans to visit South Korea, where he provocatively mentioned a potential altercation with a BTS band member.

Before arriving in Israel, Somali had been involved in disruptive activities in Japan, engaging in fights with locals, unlawfully entering construction sites, and directing racist comments at train passengers, including threats related to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

A Japanese court fined Somali Â¥200,000 after he was arrested for disrupting a restaurant’s operations in Osaka by playing loud music.

Upon returning to the United States, Somali boasted about misleading the judge and the lead detective involved in his case.

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