Kick Updates on Dr Disrespect’s Potential Move to Platform 2.0

Dr Disrespect Opens Up About Twitch Ban Impact: Lost Deals with Nike and Oakley

Kick staff have provided an update on the possibility of Dr Disrespect joining their platform for its upgraded 2.0 version.

Dr Disrespect, a prominent figure in the streaming space, has been a major force on YouTube since his mysterious ban from Twitch in 2020. Despite missing out on opportunities such as a Nike sponsorship due to his suspension, he has maintained a strong presence on YouTube.

While Kick has been in discussions with Dr Disrespect, no agreement has been reached yet, and the streamer remains on YouTube. With Kick gearing up for its 2.0 launch, there have been speculations about potential big signings.

Dr Disrespect Opens Up About Twitch Ban Impact: Lost Deals with Nike and Oakley

However, Andrew Santamaria, Kick’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, indicated that Dr Disrespect joining the platform is unlikely. He mentioned that Dr Disrespect had tweeted at Kick after they signed xQc, expressing his interest but asking for $50 million, which Santamaria deemed unrealistic.

Dr Disrespect had previously named his price of $50 million for a deal with Kick, which was half of what xQc’s non-exclusive deal was worth. Santamaria’s comments align with statements made by Kick’s Head of Product, Paulie Chianese, who had also mentioned Dr Disrespect’s high asking price.

While Dr Disrespect may not be joining Kick for its V2.0 launch, Santamaria revealed that the platform is still in talks with other streamers. He mentioned a focus on expanding into the Spanish market and hinted at more strategic signings in the future.

Despite the current outlook, fans are hopeful that Dr Disrespect may reconsider his asking price and potentially negotiate a deal with Kick in the future.

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