Kim Kardashian and Ryan Murphy Tease New Drama About an Elite All-Female Divorce Law Firm

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A Kim Kardashian-led Ryan Murphy drama about an all-female divorce legal firm might be in the works—and just like that, we’ve discovered our next TV obsession.

In the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kardashian and Murphy, who previously collaborated on Kim K’s acting debut in American Horror Story: Delicate, sat down to discuss the potential show. Murphy began by explaining to the reality star-turned-actress that studio execs had loved her performance in American Horror Story.

“You were really, really good to the point where they called me and were like, ‘Do you think Kim would want to do her own show?'” he said. Murphy then went on to describe his idea for the Los Angeles-set drama.

“Kim is the world’s best, most expensive divorce lawyer in the world,” he began his pitch, adding, “When you’re going through a divorce, I would imagine that you’re very close to your lawyer and you tell them everything. It has what Sex and the City has, which is girlfriends. It has a bond of women trying to get through an experience together.”

This fictional version of Kim wouldn’t be a huge stretch for the actress, who is currently training to be a lawyer. And, as she noted, she “has some experience” with divorce lawyers, having finalized her divorce from Kanye West in 2022. Kardashian has also gone through two other divorces, splitting from Kris Humphries and Damon Thomas.

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After this interaction, I couldn’t help but wonder… is this show actually going to happen? Are we really going to see Kim K traipsing through the streets in Manolo Blahniks as she meets her besties for brunch in between her appearances in court as an ultra-elite divorce lawyer?

Well, as Kardashian explained, the show will probably have to wait until 2025 when she hopes to take the bar exam. Then, she’ll have the time to put her legal training to use—by, you know, starring in a Ryan Murphy show as a lawyer!

As Murphy joked, “Not only am I a lawyer, but I play one on TV!”

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