Know About VTuber Shylily

Know About VTuber Shylily Face irl

Know About VTuber Shylily

About VTuber Shylily

Shylily is an independent German VTuber, Twitch Streamer. 

She was born in 1996 in Germany. 

She moved to Denmark post-graduation, and then moved to The Netherlands where she currently resides.

Know About VTuber Shylily
Real NameLily
Stage NameShylily
Date Of Birth1996
Age28 Years (As Of 2024)
Place Of BirthGermany
Current ResidenceNetherland
Profession VTuber, Twitch Streamer
Zodiac SignUnknown

Career Of Shylily

Her first videos were highlights of her Twitch streams of her playing various games like Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Phasmophoba, Genshin Impact amongst others, but her re-debut was livestreamed on January 10, 2022, where she revealed a new model. 

Her channel has videos of her reacting to memes on her subreddit and playing Dark Souls 3 after she was forced to by her chat.

Lily has collaborated with the VShojo girls many times and even appeared on Lewdcast.

Zentreya in particular has schooled her in APEX Legends, as has rpr.

She has played Labriynthe with Kson Onair, Pikamee, and bao. 

She took part in a Crab Game stream that also featured Haruka Karibu, Lyhart Seyra, Merry, Onigiri, AlfhildeOdin, Sif Avellana, girl dm, Ninaninin, Sylvee, TheArtGun, rpr and Omi.

She is good friends with Yuniiho, SquChan Ch. and Yoclesh. Also Read, Mike Trout Age Height Weight Net Worth

Know About VTuber Shylily Ban

Shylily Ban

On August 15, Shylily confirmed that her ban was 72 hours, joking that it was a ‘3-day vacation’.

Unlike many other popular Vtubers, Shylily, from the Netherlands, is not signed to one of the big groups like Hololive or Vshojo, instead choosing to be an ‘independent’ Vtuber.

Despite this, she has enjoyed lots of success as a streamer, revealing her new model in January 2022, and reaching over 700,000 followers.

Why was Shylily banned?

Although the exact reason can’t be confirmed, and Twitch does not comment on the cause of bans to protect the privacy of users, Shylily herself has given fans a hint at the likely reason.

After initially appearing surprised by the ban on Twitter, she said “my t**s too big.”

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Shylily Face irl

She didnt revealed her full face till now but posted this pic on her Instagram.

Know About VTuber Shylily Face irl


  • According to her re-debut stream, Lily likes lemons, yum, shrimps and money, but dislikes socks, showers, and tail grabs.
  • Her fans are known as shrimps.
  • She is a fan of Ollie Kureiji’s singing.
  • She is 149 cm tall which is about 4’11.
  • She has brown hair which goes down to her thighs.
  • As of October 8 – October 14, 2022 Shylily is the most watched female Twitch streamer.

Social Media Accounts

Twitter  VTuber Shylily

Twitch VTuber Shylily

YouTube VTuber Shylily

Instagram VTuber Shylily

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