KRK Declared Dobaara All Time Biggest Disaster

KRK Declared Dobaara All Time Biggest Disaster

KRK Declared Dobaara All Time Biggest Disaster

Kamak Rashid Khan now changed it to Kamal Rashid Kumar declared Taapsee Pannu starrer Dobaara all time biggest disaster.

He is tweeting a lot Negative about Taapsee,s Dobaara and today he declared it disaster.

KRK tweeted:

Super actress @taapsee Ne Box Office Ke Saare records destroy Kar Diye Hain. Her film #Dobaara was running Houseful and collected Rs.26 lakhs during the weekend. All time biggest disaster.


Dobaara is running in Approx. 300 screens in India and it is the latest target of Boycott Bollywood Gang.

KRK constantly Tweeting about the movie, here are some Tweetes.

Taapsee Pannu की film दोबारा का पहला show इतना Houseful था, कि दोनों को एक ही कुर्सी पर बैठकर film देखनी पड़ी!
Huge Congratulations to @taapsee
for giving 7 disasters in a row. She has proved that she is No.1 Bollywood actress from bottom.
KRK Declared Dobaara All Time Biggest Disaster
KRK Declared Dobaara All Time Biggest Disaster
You are 100% correct @taapsee
! आप कितना भी चिल्ला चिल्लाकर झूठे collections बताओ, लेकिन public को पता है कि असली business क्या है! public को पता है कि आपकी film disaster है! और यह film public की समझ से बहुत दूर की film है इसीलिए तो पब्लिक देखने ही नहीं गयी! आप खुद ही देखो!

Taapsee Pannu starrer Dobaara not performing well at the moment and it has became a troll material for many.

The movie is not that bad but Boycott Bollywood hits hard this time.

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KRK Declared Dobaara All Time Biggest Disaster

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KRK Declared Dobaara All Time Biggest Disaster


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