Lawyer Delays Flight After Discovering Overbooked Seat on Avianca Airlines

Lawyer Delays Flight After Discovering Overbooked Seat on Avianca Airlines

A lawyer, Juan Manuel, delayed an Avianca flight for nearly an hour after discovering his seat was overbooked. The incident highlights ongoing issues with airline overbooking.

Bollywood Fever: A lawyer caused a nearly hour-long delay on an Avianca flight after discovering his seat had been overbooked. The incident, captured on video and later shared on social media, has sparked widespread discussion about airline overbooking practices.

The passenger, identified as Juan Manuel, had purchased a roundtrip ticket from Bogotá, Colombia, to Los Angeles. He arrived at El Dorado International Airport two and a half hours before his flight, ready to embark on the first leg of his journey with a connection in El Salvador.

Although listed in group three for boarding, Manuel chose to wait until most passengers had boarded. When only about ten passengers remained, he approached the counter and showed his boarding pass. After being told to step aside and waiting for 15 minutes, he was finally allowed to board.

Lawyer Delays Flight After Discovering Overbooked Seat on Avianca Airlines

Upon reaching his assigned row, Manuel found a child occupying his window seat. After comparing boarding passes with the child’s mother, an Avianca agent informed him that his ticket had been resold and instructed him to leave the plane.

Manuel complied initially but lost his composure near the exit door by the pilot’s cabin. In the now-viral video, he can be heard saying, “Let a cop come. I hope the prosecutors come. Because I will report you for not being serious. It’s just that you can’t be playing with people’s agendas.”

Noticing a passenger filming, he encouraged them to continue and stated, “Your options don’t interest me at all. I have to go on this flight. I don’t have to work with you.”

During the confrontation, a fellow passenger mentioned traveling to El Salvador for an urgent medical appointment. Another woman offered to hold her child on her lap to free up the seat for Manuel.

Eventually, Manuel decided to disembark, stating he did so out of consideration for the other passengers, not because of the airline’s instructions.

Avianca rebooked him on a different flight to Miami, where he connected to Chicago. However, he faced a nearly five-hour delay in Chicago before arriving in Los Angeles around 10 pm. The airline compensated him with a food voucher worth 26,000 Colombian pesos (approximately $6) and an $80 flight voucher.

The seating issue caused Juan Manuel to miss an important meeting with Los Angeles attorneys regarding the legal situation of three Colombian nationals in custody. The incident underscores the frustrations and complications that can arise from airline overbooking practices, leaving passengers like Manuel scrambling to adjust their plans.

As airlines continue to navigate the balance between maximizing revenue and ensuring passenger satisfaction, this event serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of overbooking.

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