Lourdes Leon Shares Highlights from Her Intimate New Orleans Concert Residency

Lourdes Leon Shares Highlights from Her Intimate New Orleans Concert Residency

Lourdes Leon is sharing outtakes from her recent intimate concert experience in New Orleans, where she focused on her solo musical endeavors.

The 27-year-old, following in her mom Madonna’s footsteps, is performing under the stage name Lolahol and participated in a three-night artist residency at the Hotel Saint Vincent.

Lourdes Leon Shares Highlights from Her Intimate New Orleans Concert Residency

The residency, reported on by GQ, featured an artist retreat for musicians to work on their material without outside distractions, culminating in a special performance on the final night.

Lourdes shared photos from the show, where she looked stunning in a gold bodycon ankle-length dress covered in intricate patterns. The dress featured a deep plunging neckline that showcased her many tattoos, and she completed the look with her jet black locks down, gold hoop earrings, and a dangling gold crucifix necklace.

After finishing her residency in New Orleans, she reflected on the cherished nights she’d spent in the city of jazz, writing on social media: “New Orleans I’m so flabbergasted n wondering what I did to deserve to work amongst such prolific musicians. My heart is in my throat but it’s also on the floor.”

GQ captured the night of her performance, her first time with a backing band, speaking with several of her friends and collaborators and following her as they visited a gay club and then spent the night jamming at a studio.

Days later, back in NYC, she spoke with the publication about her time in the Big Easy, saying: “There was this playfulness that I don’t think I’m as used to.”

“I didn’t know how to process it, then it kind of hit my system. It was so unreal to hear the musicians transform my songs, with actual live instruments playing them. As we would rehearse them, I would try to give them a sense of what I was thinking when I wrote them because I wanted that emotion to dictate how they were playing. They got it right off the bat. I was the one that was struggling.”

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