Machine Gun Kelly Opens Up About Resuming Smoking Amid Relationship Pause with Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly Opens Up About Resuming Smoking Amid Relationship Pause with Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly candidly shares his return to smoking during a tumultuous period, amidst taking a break in his relationship with Megan Fox and undergoing a bold physical transformation.

In a recent update on his Instagram Story, Machine Gun Kelly shared that he has resumed an old habit during a challenging period in his life.

The musician, known for his hit “Twin Flame,” posted a photo of himself and Trippie Redd, a fellow artist, both smoking.

“Started smoking again. Life’s been weird lately,” the 33-year-old artist captioned the photo. “But grateful I have y’all.”

Machine Gun Kelly Opens Up About Resuming Smoking Amid Relationship Pause with Megan Fox

This admission comes shortly after a source informed about MGK’s current pause in his relationship with Megan Fox. 

They shared on Tuesday that the couple, despite the public eye often scrutinizing them, is taking a break but remains committed and is working through their relationship issues.

“Megan and MGK’s relationship is up and down. Right now, they are taking some space, but things could easily change,” the insider noted. “They are still together as a couple and trying to figure things out. MGK is very in love with Megan, so he does his best to keep her happy and lets her take the lead.”

This news arrived a week after Fox discussed her first marriage and cosmetic surgery history on the Call Her Daddy podcast, briefly mentioning her relationship with MGK and expressing a desire for privacy.

The exact status of their relationship post-podcast remains vague, but they are described as “forever connected” and committed without placing undue pressure on themselves.

Following Fox’s podcast, another source highlighted Kelly’s support for Fox’s honesty, stating, “He is supportive and respects Megan’s openness. He would never want to silence her in any capacity and admires her strength and desire to be honest, even if her narrative involves him and their relationship at points.”

Kelly and Fox’s romance started in 2020 and led to an engagement announcement in January 2022. Despite the frequent rumors of turbulence, they’ve maintained a relatively private stance concerning their relationship’s dynamics.

Amidst these personal developments, MGK has also embraced a significant physical change, opting for a comprehensive blackout tattoo that covers his upper body. He documented the intense and painful process on Instagram, including undergoing treatments in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to aid the healing of the extensive ink work, describing it as “the most paint s**t I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

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