Margot Lewis Charged with Second-Degree Murder of Liara Tsai: A Detailed Breakdown of the Case

Margot Lewis Charged with Second-Degree Murder of Liara Tsai: A Detailed Breakdown of the Case

Discover the shocking details of Margot Lewis’s arrest for the second-degree murder of Liara Tsai, following a harrowing discovery in Minnesota.

Bollywood Fever: Margot Lewis has been charged with the second-degree murder of Liara Tsai, following a grim discovery by Minnesota police during a routine response to a single-vehicle accident. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the unfolding case.

The Discovery

Last Saturday morning, Minnesota police responded to a single-vehicle accident in Olmsted County, leading to the shocking discovery of a dead body wrapped in blankets and a mattress in the backseat. The incident, which occurred around 7 am, involved 32-year-old Margot Lewis from Iowa.

Upon arrival, deputies found Lewis being assisted by a Good Samaritan. During their inspection of her vehicle, they discovered the body of a 35-year-old female in the back seat, later identified as Liara Tsai. The condition of the body immediately raised suspicions, as it was clear the death did not result from the accident.

“In checking to see if anyone else was in the vehicle, a deceased individual, a 35-year-old female, was located in the back seat,” said authorities in a press release. “The condition of the deceased was suspicious, and it was immediately apparent that the death was not a result of the motor vehicle accident.”

Margot Lewis Charged with Second-Degree Murder of Liara Tsai: A Detailed Breakdown of the Case

Details of the Crime Scene

According to a criminal complaint obtained by KROC, the victim’s body was wrapped in a bed sheet, blanket, futon-style mattress, and a tarp, and was described as “cold to the touch.” Authorities observed dried blood on the bed sheet and a significant wound on the right side of the neck around the carotid artery.

The medical examiner confirmed that Tsai died from “multiple sharp force injuries,” ruling the death a homicide. Following a warrant execution at Tsai’s home, Minneapolis police found evidence of a violent altercation.

Background and Investigation

Tsai, a DJ, was last in contact with a friend on Friday, who mentioned that Tsai had a friend coming to stay with her. She did not respond to texts on Saturday and missed a scheduled gig on Sunday.

“That accident was divine intervention, hands down,” Tsai’s sister, Kristen Sewell, told KTTC, calling her a ray of sunshine. “Someone just took another person who was that light away.”

Margot Lewis is currently held on a $1 million bond, charged with interference with a dead body or scene of death. Notably, she has not yet been charged with murder. During a court appearance, Lewis communicated only through writing or sign language, having taken a spiritual vow of silence, according to her attorneys.

A press conference is expected to provide further details. Lewis is scheduled to return to court on July 5.

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