Marjorie Taylor Greene Celebrates 50th Birthday with Bikini Photo

Marjorie Taylor Greene Celebrates 50th Birthday with Bikini Photo

Marjorie Taylor Greene took a break from the Congressional drama to celebrate her 50th birthday, and she did it in style. The Georgia congresswoman shared a photo on Instagram, donning a baby blue bikini paired with a patriotic cowboy hat, in honor of Memorial Day and her special day.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Celebrates 50th Birthday with Bikini Photo

In her caption, MTG reflected on her life’s achievements, including being the first in her family to graduate college, raising three children while imparting them with strong values, and successfully managing her businesses. She also credited her ability to balance work and hobbies to “God’s grace.”

While some admirers praised her confidence and wished her well, others questioned the authenticity of the photo, suggesting it might have been altered. Regardless, the post seemed to subtly respond to recent criticism from Rep. Jasmine Crockett, who had made disparaging remarks about MTG’s appearance during a heated exchange in Congress.

Despite the controversy, Marjorie Taylor Greene appears unfazed, continuing to focus on her fitness routines, including CrossFit workouts. Her dedication to fitness shows, as she proudly displays her results in the photo. Whether intentional or not, her post sends a clear message: she’s confident in her own skin.

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