Meg Bellamy Opens Up About Online Criticism After Landing Role as Kate Middleton in ‘The Crown’

Meg Bellamy Opens Up About Online Criticism After Landing Role as Kate Middleton in 'The Crown'

Meg Bellamy discusses the online backlash she faced after being cast as Kate Middleton in ‘The Crown,’ how she handled the criticism, and her journey in Hollywood.

Bollywood Fever: Meg Bellamy is candidly addressing the online hate she received after being cast as Kate Middleton in season six of “The Crown.”

In a recent interview with Mail Online, the 21-year-old British actress shared her experience with social media trolls who targeted her appearance, calling her “too fat” to portray the future princess.

Meg Bellamy Opens Up About Online Criticism After Landing Role as Kate Middleton in 'The Crown'

Bellamy, cast last year alongside Ed McVey as a young Prince William, immersed herself in preparation for the role by watching extensive footage of Kate Middleton and seeking advice from Elizabeth Debicki, who played Princess Diana. “I spent so much time with her,” Bellamy said. “You get this weird para-social connection. She’s so gracious and wonderful and self-assured. I will always be fond of Kate.”

Despite her efforts, Bellamy continued to face criticism, even at the Los Angeles premiere for the show’s sixth season. After a day of successful press, she encountered harsh comments about her body online. “I went on my phone and there was all this negative stuff about my body,” Bellamy recounted. “The comments were mostly: ‘You’re too fat to play Kate.'”

Meg Bellamy Opens Up About Online Criticism After Landing Role as Kate Middleton in 'The Crown'

Reflecting on this experience, Bellamy noted, “That was a glimpse into being a woman in this industry. I thought, ‘Okay, that’s a sign to distance yourself, because it doesn’t mean anything.'”

Now, Bellamy avoids reading negative comments, saying, “You can’t listen to that sort of stuff,” especially when many comments are from “men called Gary who are holding a fish in their profile picture.”

Despite the negativity, Bellamy remains positive, appreciating the opportunities her role has brought. “I’ve had so many amazing things happen to me,” she said. “They’re the losers for saying that. I’m living my best life over here.”

Bellamy has since moved past her princess role, describing her time on “The Crown” as more relaxed than she anticipated. “Especially because it was the final season – [I thought] everyone would be, like: ‘Don’t mess it up! You’ve come into our very successful show. Do your part and do it well!'”

Her portrayal in “The Crown” has significantly boosted her career, now sharing the same agent as Robert Pattinson and Dev Patel. “The auditions I get now would have been my wildest dreams,” Bellamy gushed.

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