Megan Miranda Eyes Potential Film Adaptation for “Daughter of Mine,” Considers Star-Studded Cast

Megan Miranda Eyes Potential Film Adaptation for Daughter of Mine,

Author Megan Miranda discusses the possibility of her novel “Daughter of Mine” being adapted into a movie or TV series, with thoughts on casting Callum Turner and other stars for key roles.

Megan Miranda, the author behind the novel “Daughter of Mine,” is enthusiastic about the potential for a film or television adaptation of her work, expressing a desire to see Callum Turner in a leading role, according to Us Weekly.

Megan Miranda Eyes Potential Film Adaptation for Daughter of Mine,

“While I’m writing, I really don’t [cast the book] for the most part because I feel like they’re this unique character that emerges onto the page,” Miranda shared during a promotional interview for the book, which hit shelves on Tuesday, April 1. She noted that it is only after finishing her writing that she starts considering actors for roles.

Miranda finds inspiration for potential casting while watching films and TV shows, recognizing actors who might fit her characters. “I’ll think, ‘Oh, I could totally see that person inhabiting these characteristics,’” she said. She emphasized that her casting thoughts are more about the actor’s ability to embody a range of personas rather than their physical appearance.

Keeping “an open mind” about who might play her characters, Miranda engaged in a fun exercise to fantasize about who might star in her novel.

“Daughter of Mine” centers on Hazel Sharp, who returns to her drought-stricken hometown of Mirror Lake after the death of her father, the long-serving sheriff. The inheritance of her father’s house — to her exclusion of her brothers, Gage and Caden — sets off a chain of mysterious events, propelling Hazel on a quest for answers.

For the role of Hazel, Miranda considered actresses such as Florence Pugh and Daisy Edgar-Jones, while Us Weekly suggested Sophie Turner as another fitting choice.

As for Gage, the older brother who steps up as Mirror Lake’s newly-promoted detective, Miranda had a very specific actor in mind.

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