Megan Rapinoe Defends Trans Athletes Amid Heated Confrontation at Seattle Pride

Megan Rapinoe Defends Trans Athletes Amid Heated Confrontation at Seattle Pride

Megan Rapinoe, confronted by a reporter at Seattle Pride, defends her stance on trans athletes in women’s sports. Discover the full story and public reaction.

United States, Bollywood Fever: Megan Rapinoe faced a contentious exchange with a reporter at Seattle Pride, where she was asked to justify her controversial opinion that trans athletes should be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

During the Pride Parade on Sunday, Rapinoe, 38, served as the ‘Grand Marshall’ alongside her fiancée, WNBA legend Sue Bird. The confrontation occurred when a reporter from the Post Millennial approached Rapinoe’s car, questioning her views on trans athletes.

The reporter brought up the 2017 match where the US Women’s Soccer team, captained by Rapinoe, lost to a team of under-15 boys. “Do you really think it’s fair for these same boys to be competing in girls’ sports?” the reporter asked. Rapinoe, laughing, turned to Bird and muttered, “Oh my god,” before picking up her drink.

Megan Rapinoe Defends Trans Athletes Amid Heated Confrontation at Seattle Pride

Despite security intervening, the reporter continued, asking if Rapinoe thought it was fair for trans athletes to compete against young girls and if she was concerned about potential injuries. Rapinoe’s car then proceeded with the parade, leaving the reporter behind.

The interaction sparked immediate reactions on social media. Some fans criticized Rapinoe, calling her “gross,” while others defended her. “Uncomfortable or jealous?” one user retorted, with another admitting, “I’m just jealous.”

Many fans appreciated the couple’s enduring love and Rapinoe’s candidness. “I love how she loves him,” one fan commented, while another said, “The way they still want each other. Love it.”

Rapinoe has consistently supported trans athletes’ rights, despite backlash, including from public figures like Piers Morgan, who labeled her stance “shameful” after she signed a letter to the NCAA advocating for trans inclusion in sports. The letter, co-signed by Rapinoe, Bird, and other stars, highlighted issues like unequal pay and harassment in women’s sports and argued against barring transgender athletes.

In a 2022 interview with Time, Rapinoe reaffirmed her position, stating she would welcome a trans player on the national team. “I see trans women as real women,” she said. “What you’re saying automatically in the argument… is you don’t believe these people are women. Therefore, they’re taking the other spot. I don’t feel that way.”

Rapinoe, an outspoken LGBTQ+ advocate, has also been instrumental in achieving equal pay for female athletes in the US. “We as a country are trying to legislate away people’s full humanity,” she said, criticizing those who claim to protect women’s sports but use it to exclude trans athletes.

Rapinoe’s firm stance on this issue continues to generate debate, highlighting the broader conversation about inclusion and fairness in sports.

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