Men In Black International To Release In US China and India On The Same Day

Fourth installment of Men In Black series Men In Black International directed by F gary gray Starring Chris Hemsworth Tessa Thompson Rebecca Ferguson Kumail Nanjiani Rafe Spall Les Twins Emma Thompson Liam Neeson

Men in black international to hit theaters on June 14 in China, the same day as the US release, Men in black international will be just second film of the series to get released in china after the third installment 2012’s Men in black 3

Even in India MIB international getting released on June 14 2019

Following a series of blockbusters, “Men in Black International” marks the first time the franchise has broken away from the film’s original stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones,

Now, Thompson and Hemsworth are taking over their legendary roles as intergalactic protectors in the latest spin-off of the film.

Here is the trailer


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