Microsoft to Invest $3.21 Billion in Swedish AI and Cloud Infrastructure Expansion

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Microsoft will invest 33.7 billion Swedish crowns ($3.21 billion) to expand its cloud and artificial intelligence infrastructure in Sweden over the next two years, the U.S. tech giant announced on Monday. This marks Microsoft’s largest investment in Sweden to date, with plans to train approximately 250,000 people in AI skills—equivalent to 2.4% of the Swedish population—to enhance the country’s competitiveness.

“This announcement goes beyond technology, it’s a commitment to ensuring broad access to the tools and skills needed for Sweden’s people and economy to thrive in the AI era,” said Microsoft Vice Chair and President Brad Smith in a statement.

As part of this investment, Microsoft will deploy 20,000 of the most advanced graphics processing units (GPUs), which accelerate computer calculations, at its Swedish data center sites located in Sandviken, Gavle, and Staffanstorp. Smith was scheduled to meet with Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson in Stockholm on Monday.

Furthermore, Microsoft expressed its commitment to promoting AI adoption across the Nordic region, which includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Norway, in addition to Sweden.

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