Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Finally Being Taken Seriously at the Grammys After 20 Years

Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Finally Being Taken Seriously at the Grammys After 20 Years

Miley Cyrus is opening up about her experience with the Grammys, expressing that her wins for the hit single “Flowers” in February marked her “first time actually being taken seriously” at the prestigious awards ceremony.

In a recent interview with W Magazine, Cyrus reflected on finally securing her first Grammys — for Record of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance — after more than two decades in the music industry.

“No shade, but I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and this is my first time actually being taken seriously at the Grammys?” Cyrus told W. “I’ve had a hard time figuring out what the measurement is there, because if we want to talk stats and numbers, then where the fuck was I? And if you want to talk, like, impact on culture, then where the fuck was I? This is not about arrogance. I am proud of myself.”

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Throughout her career, Cyrus has released eight studio albums, with her latest being 2023’s “Endless Summer Vacation.” This record received nominations for Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album, with the lead single “Flowers” also getting a nod for Song of the Year. Additionally, “Thousand Miles,” a track from the album featuring Brandi Carlile, was nominated for Pop Duo/Group Performance. Before the success of “Endless Summer Vacation” at the Grammys, Cyrus had only been nominated twice: in 2015 for Pop Vocal Album for “Bangerz,” and in 2022 as part of Lil Nas X’s album “Montero.”

During this year’s Grammys ceremony, Cyrus performed “Flowers” in a Tina Turner-inspired outfit. She addressed the audience during the performance, questioning their lack of enthusiasm by saying, “Why are you acting like you don’t know this song?”

Cyrus explained to W that she wanted the performance “to be a celebration of bravery, because I perform out of fear.”

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She elaborated, “I didn’t always have the fear of performing that I have now. But going from spending two years alone and seeing no more than one person a day during lockdown to knowing that millions of people watch the Grammys is a big shock to the nervous system. Anyone who’s ever put themselves in a position to be observed or judged is brave. It doesn’t matter if it’s eight or 8 million people—that fear is there. Before I went onstage, right as that curtain was about to lift, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, ‘I am free!’”

Recently, Cyrus collaborated with Beyoncé on her “Cowboy Carter” track “II Most Wanted.” The album is already generating early Grammys buzz for next year’s awards.

“I wrote that song, like, two and a half years ago,” Cyrus said of “II Most Wanted.” “My mom would always go, ‘I love that song so much.’ So when Beyoncé reached out to me about music, I thought of it right away because it really encompasses our relationship. I told her, ‘We don’t have to get country; we are country. We’ve been country.’ I said, ‘You know, between you being from Texas and me being from Tennessee, so much of us is going to be in this song.’ Getting to write a song, not just sing, for Beyoncé was a dream come true.”

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