MrBeast Addresses Rumors of Disney Acquiring His YouTube Channel for $5 Billion


MrBeast Addresses Rumors of Disney Acquiring His YouTube Channel for $5 Billion

Bollywoodfever, March 4: YouTube sensation MrBeast has dismissed the speculation that Disney acquired his channel for a staggering $5 billion, following widespread rumors on social media platforms.

MrBeast is the leading figure on YouTube, boasting an impressive following of over 242 million subscribers on his primary channel.

The YouTube celebrity has been setting new benchmarks, with reports suggesting he’s nearing a $100 million deal for his inaugural TV series with Amazon Prime.

Nonetheless, chatter recently surfaced about MrBeast’s YouTube channel being sold to the entertainment giant, Disney.


Clarification on the Disney Speculation

In a February 25 episode of The Iced Coffee Hour podcast, hosts Graham Stephan and Jack Selby jokingly told their guests, Sam and Colby, that MrBeast had sold his YouTube channel to Disney for an astonishing $5 billion.

This segment quickly spread across social platforms, significantly when the crucial context—that it was a jest—was omitted, misleading numerous followers of the YouTuber.

When the snippet gained traction again on Twitter/X on March 3, misleading more individuals into believing the sale, MrBeast felt compelled to clarify. “Disney does not own any part of my channel,” he straightforwardly stated.

Moreover, MrBeast addressed the “outrageous” rumors circulating about him lately. He previously faced scrutiny over a deleted tweet critical of US politician Nancy Pelosi.

Some speculated that the 25-year-old deleted his tweet upon realizing Pelosi’s nephew is a talent manager at the agency representing him.

“First I sold my channel to Disney and now Pelosi has control over me? The conspiracies are wild recently,” MrBeast wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

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