MrBeast Earns Million by reposting old content on X


MrBeast Earns Million by reposting old content on X

MrBeast has shared that repurposing his previous YouTube content on X (the platform previously known as Twitter) has turned out to be a lucrative move. After Elon Musk introduced a new advertising revenue model on X, MrBeast decided to see if reposting his older videos could be financially beneficial.

MrBeast Unveils Astonishing Ad Revenue Generated from Twitter and X Video Platform

He has now disclosed the results of his testing, noting the impressive view counts his YouTube videos have achieved on X and the subsequent earnings from those views. MrBeast pointed out that all his reposted videos collectively surpassed 100 million views, with the “1$ Car vs 100,000,000$ Car” video hitting a standout 177 million views. From this venture, he has earned “around a million in ad revenue,” which he finds to be an “awesome” outcome.

The funds, he mentioned, will be reinvested into his video production budget, allowing for an increase in spending on future content. His followers praised the financial success, admiring the strategy of leveraging content across platforms for additional revenue.

One supporter commented on the profitability of recycling already popular videos, while another anticipated the new creative possibilities this financial boost could unlock. In response to his achievements, MrBeast humorously suggested he might stop posting on YouTube altogether to focus on X, a notion Elon Musk seemed to support, replying, “You should actually.”

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