New Hampshire Man Sentenced to Life for Brutal Murder of Mother Over PlayStation Dispute

New Hampshire Man Sentenced to Life for Brutal Murder of Mother Over PlayStation Dispute

Thomas Humphrey, 47, receives 40 years to life for the grisly murder of his mother, Linda Tufts, after a dispute over PlayStation volume. The crime involved a brutal stabbing and arson.

United States (Bollywood Fever): A New Hampshire man was sentenced to significant prison time this week for the brutal murder of his mother, following an alleged dispute over the volume of his PlayStation.

Thomas Humphrey, 47, received a sentence of 40 years to life for the second-degree murder of his 70-year-old mother, Linda Tufts. Additionally, he was given a consecutive suspended sentence of 5-10 years for arson, after pleading guilty to both charges on Tuesday.

The horrific crime occurred on December 4, 2023, while Humphrey, who resided in his mother’s basement, was playing a PlayStation gifted to him for his 47th birthday.

Prosecutors stated that after she complained about the game’s volume, Humphrey stabbed his mother 22 times, nearly decapitating her. Following the attack, he allegedly set her body on fire while still inside the house.

NBC Boston reported that the fire was still burning when police arrived. Authorities found Humphrey at the bottom of the basement stairs, holding a knife with self-inflicted wounds.

“This is, as I said in my more than a decade on the bench, one of the most brutal murders that I’ve presided over,” said Judge William Delker in court, according to WMUR. “The brutality of this crime simply makes it too dangerous not to impose a very lengthy state prison sentence,” he added.

At the sentencing hearing, a family member told Humphrey, “You tore our family apart. The grief, the anger, the pain – that just continues on. You took one of our matriarchs of the family. It was completely unforgivable.”

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