New Study on ‘Alien Mummies’ Uncovered in Peru Suggests They May Be Authentic

New Study on 'Alien Mummies' Uncovered in Peru Suggests They May Be Authentic

Recent imaging analysis on three-fingered ‘alien mummies’ found in Peru reveals biological similarities to humans with significant anatomical differences, reigniting the debate on their authenticity.

Bollywood Fever: The discovery of three-fingered ‘alien mummies’ in Peru, initially dismissed as a hoax, has taken a new turn with a recent study suggesting otherwise.

A recent imaging analysis on one of the humanoids, named ‘Maria,’ has revealed biological similarities to humans but with many morphological and anatomical structural differences. The study, published in the Journal of Social and Environmental Management, provides new insights that challenge the initial skepticism.

New Study on 'Alien Mummies' Uncovered in Peru Suggests They May Be Authentic

The analysis found that Maria’s bones flowed smoothly under the mummified casing, akin to human anatomy. Notably, her elongated skull showed no signs of artificial cranial deformation, a practice observed in some ancient cultures. The research team dated the mummy to between 240AD and 383AD, indicating its coexistence with the ancient Nazca civilization.

Maria, labeled M01, was one of six mummies found in a tomb in Nazca in 2017. The group included a nine-month-old child and four males. Journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan, who discovered the mummies, has consistently claimed they are extraterrestrial beings.

Despite Maussan’s unwavering stance, many experts have dismissed the mummies as manipulated artifacts created by grave robbers. In 2018, four independent analyses concluded that the mummies were pre-Columbian and had been altered.

New Study on 'Alien Mummies' Uncovered in Peru Suggests They May Be Authentic

However, the new study conducted by a team of Peruvian researchers paints a different picture. The team used magnification examination and various imaging techniques to study Maria’s physical attributes. They noted the absence of hair and external ears, with only ear canal openings visible.

“The most notable feature of the skull is its significant elongation, without external signs of cranial compression from external agents,” the study reads. The researchers observed that the cranial volume was 30 percent larger than that of a normal human.

Scans revealed bulging eyes and protruding jaws, with Maria missing six teeth and having severely worn-down remaining teeth. The most striking differences were found in the hands and feet. Each hand had four phalanges per finger, unlike the three phalanges in a normal human hand, making the hands appear eight inches longer. Similarly, the feet had four phalanges per toe and were nine inches long, much longer than typical human feet.

Maria’s calcaneus bone, which forms the heel, differed in shape and structure from that of a human, suggesting she walked hunched over for stability.

New Study on 'Alien Mummies' Uncovered in Peru Suggests They May Be Authentic

Maussan claimed that Maria was pregnant when mummified, but the new study found the mummy was ‘impregnated with a white powder’ known as diatomaceous earth, commonly used in insecticides.

The imaging analysis also revealed that Maria suffered from arthritis in her hands and feet, along with spinal damage. The study concluded that Maria had a gynecoid pelvis typical of females but displayed male cranial features.

“Based on the superficial morphological and tomographic imaging analysis, it is concluded that specimen M01 is a desiccated humanoid body with a biological architecture similar to humans, yet exhibiting numerous structural differences and morphological and anatomical singularities,” the researchers wrote.

The findings have reignited the debate over the authenticity of the ‘alien mummies,’ with researchers calling for further examination to understand the true nature of these enigmatic remains.

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