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Here is the Bitcoin Prediction For April 2022

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Here is the Bitcoin Prediction For April 2022

Bitcoin fell 3 percent on Thursday and closed the day with $45.7K.

On the morning of Friday, the pressure has remained, dropping the price 4.6 percent to $44.8K.

BTC closed lower last month despite declining US indexes of stocks.

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BTC added 10% and showed its strength for the second time in consecutive months.

The past has shown that April is believed to be among the most profitable months to trade the benchmark cryptocurrency in the last eleven years.

Bitcoin increased in April 8 times and fell only three times.

If Bitcoin can show the same increase this month, it will finish the month with a value of $576K.

The Analyst Team emphasized that the local picture shown on the chart proves the strength of bears who managed to keep BTCUSD in the vicinity of the 200-day moving average.

It is possible to discuss the ultimate breakdown of the growing momentum when BTCUSD can fall below $44K.

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It is essential to note that it is also a solid month for the stock market.

In the end, the month starts with optimism and a desire to wait for the right moment to invest in a declining market due to the strong influence of sentiment from institutions on the underlying dynamics of the very first cryptocurrency.

Here is the Bitcoin Prediction For April 2022

Here is the Bitcoin Prediction For April 2022

Kiyosaki predicted the fall of the dollar.

According to CoinMarketCap, the total value of the cryptocurrency market fell by 4.5 percent in the range of $2.05 trillion.

Its Bitcoin dominance index dropped 0.1 percentage points to 41.4 percent.

The indicator of fear and greed returned precisely to the midpoint of the spectrum before it ended with 50 points.

Ethereum decreased by 4 percent in the last 24 hours. Other top altcoins in the top 10 dropped from 4.4 percent ( XRP) to 77% ( Polkadot).

The only exception is Solana (+0.5 0.5%), which increased because it was discovered that the OpenSea NFT platform had added support for tokens on the SOL blockchain.

In the media, famous writer and investor, Robert Kiyosaki warned of a “sky-high” US national debt and predicted the collapse in the value of dollars.

With that in mind, the author urged investors and the public to consider investing in other investments: Gold, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana.

It is important to note that Kiyosaki has repeatedly predicted the demise of the dollar’s value; however, his predictions haven’t yet been realized.

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