NFT Sales Dip by 8.99% to $137M, Ethereum Leads with $43M in Transactions

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The past week saw a decline in non-fungible token (NFT) sales by 8.99%, totaling around $137 million. Ethereum stood out with $43 million in sales, marking a 20.26% increase from the previous week.

The NFT market’s total sales across all 21 blockchains reached $137.44 million, with Ethereum dominating at $43 million. Bitcoin followed with $34.79 million, showing a decrease of 26.67% from the prior week. Other noteworthy blockchains included Solana, Polygon, and Immutable X.

Ethereum Price 6 Month Chart Graph Trend

Bitcoin’s Uncategorized Ordinals emerged as the top collection this week, generating $14,274,455, although it experienced an 18.34% decrease. Blast’s Fantasy Top recorded $6,391,855, down by 57.17%. Dmarket, Guild of Guardians, and Nodemonkes also made significant showings. The Captainz collection notably increased by 82.66% week over week.

The highest-priced NFT sale was Solana’s Boogle #084, which sold for $228,957, followed by an Ethereum Name Service name that fetched $206,959. Other notable sales included an Ordinal Maxi Biz, a Matr1x Fire Asset, and a Blast Gate Keeper.

As the NFT market shows fluctuations, with overall sales dipping slightly, certain blockchains and collections exhibit resilience and growth. The upcoming weeks will likely provide valuable insights into the evolving dynamics and value propositions within the NFT space.

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