Northern California Gas Station Ransacked by Dozens, Manager Furious Over Police Response

Northern California Gas Station Ransacked by Dozens, Manager Furious Over Police Response

A Northern California gas station was ransacked by a crowd of 80-100 people, causing over $100,000 in damage. Manager Sam Mardaie expresses frustration as police response was delayed.

California, Bollywood Fever: A Northern California gas station manager expressed anger and frustration on Friday after dozens of people ransacked his business overnight. To make matters worse, he says the police never showed up after he called for help.

The incident occurred at The 76 Station in Oakland, near Interstate 880, just up the street from the airport.

The chaos began around 4:30 a.m. when a crowd attending a nearby sideshow broke in and started ransacking the station. Station manager Sam Mardaie estimates that 80 to 100 people took part in the rampage, seemingly upset that the station was only offering window service during the late hours.

Mardaie estimates the damage and theft totals exceed $100,000.

When asked about the response time, Oakland police explained that based on the initial details reported by the caller, the crime was listed as a Priority 2 burglary, indicating no suspects on the scene. Consequently, the caller was referred to online crime reporting. However, video evidence later provided to the Oakland Police Department (OPD) highlighted the scale and specifics of the incident, including the large number of suspects. This new information elevated the incident to a Priority 1, prompting an officer to be dispatched to the scene.

Northern California Gas Station Ransacked by Dozens, Manager Furious Over Police Response

This incident is the latest in a series of issues along the Hegenberger corridor. On Wednesday, police responded in force to reports of a shooting at a nearby Chevron station. SKY7 captured footage of a car with its rear window blown out.

Additionally, this is the same area where an In-N-Out Burger closed in March due to ongoing crime, marking a first for the popular chain.

Manager Sam Mardaie remains frustrated with the delayed police response, as his business faces significant losses from the ransacking. The community is left grappling with the increasing crime rate and the impact on local businesses.

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