Oakland Juneteenth Celebration Turns Tragic with Multiple People Shot

Oakland Juneteenth Celebration Turns Tragic with Multiple People Shot

A Juneteenth celebration in Oakland at Lake Merritt turned tragic as multiple people were shot during the event. Learn more about the incident and ongoing investigation.

California, Bollywood Fever: An Oakland Juneteenth celebration ended in tragedy when multiple individuals were shot, with the chaotic incident captured on video showing people running and ducking for cover.

The festivities took place at Lake Merritt, a centrally located lagoon in the city, on Wednesday evening. What began as a lively event took a turn for the worse after a group of people started performing donuts in cars and on motorbikes at a major intersection.


Footage from the sideshow prior to the shooting shows a relatively innocent scene, typical for the Bay Area, with participants laughing and enjoying themselves. However, the situation escalated when a fight broke out in the crowd, leading to unknown gunmen exchanging multiple shots, injuring several people.

Subsequent video clips reveal several bodies on the ground, either shot or taking cover as gunfire echoed around the intersection. Some attendees can be seen providing aid to an individual lying on the sidewalk following the shooting. The Oakland Police Department has confirmed that multiple people were shot but has not provided an exact number or confirmed any fatalities.

This incident is not the first time a shooting has occurred during Juneteenth celebrations at Lake Merritt. In 2021, a 22-year-old was killed, and six others were injured during the festivities.

The police have stated that the investigation into Wednesday night’s shooting is ongoing. The community is once again grappling with violence overshadowing a day meant to celebrate freedom and resilience.

As authorities work to piece together the events that led to the shooting, residents and attendees are left to process the trauma of another tragic incident during a time meant for celebration. The city of Oakland continues to search for answers and solutions to prevent such violence in the future.

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