Original Pokémon Dub Voice Actor Rachael Lillis Receives Overwhelming Support Amid Cancer Battle

Original Pokémon Dub Voice Actor Rachael Lillis Receives Overwhelming Support Amid Cancer Battle

Rachael Lillis, the original Pokémon dub voice actor, has been battling cancer for several months. A GoFundMe established by her sister, Laurie, has garnered immense support, with hundreds of fans rallying around one of their childhood heroes.

Since January, Lillis has been in a nursing home, fighting an ongoing battle with breast cancer that has spread to her spine. “Barely” able to walk, her family turned to social media for financial aid to help the beloved voice actor return home.

The fundraiser, with a goal of $20,000 USD, quickly gained traction online, raising the money needed to support a home care nurse to assist Lillis with day-to-day activities from the comfort of her own home.

While being cared for in a Los Angeles nursing home, her sister detailed how “it can be uncomfortably noisy, and it’s difficult for her to manage rest.”

Within a day of sharing the news, the fundraiser surpassed its financial target in under 24 hours. Laurie updated the GoFundMe campaign to express her “sincere thanks for your generous, loving support of Rachael. Thank you all, with much love.”

Lillis, a 45-year-old American voice actress, is best known for her work with the English dub of the original Pokémon series and films. Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, she voiced iconic characters like Misty, Jessie, Jigglypuff, and many others.

Spanning over 400 episodes and multiple feature-length films, her work on the English dub of the immensely popular Japanese franchise won the hearts of millions of fans, many of whom have now shown up to support her in her fight with cancer.

Multiple voice-acting colleagues from her time with the IP have also spoken up to spread the news. “I have been friends with Rachael for over 25 years,” Eric Stuart, the voice of James, Brock, and Squirtle, to name a few, said on X (formerly Twitter). “Please give what you can. F**k cancer.”

“Our friend is in need of your help,” dubbed voice of Bulbasaur Tara Jayne Sands said. “Rachael’s incredible talent, voice, and kindness have contributed so much to all of our lives. Any contribution you can make will help.”

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