Pennsylvania Duo Charged with Homicide After Newborn’s Tragic Death

Pennsylvania Duo Charged with Homicide After Newborn's Tragic Death

Emily Dickinson and Joshua Wooters face serious charges including homicide and abuse of a corpse after their newborn baby bled to death and was allegedly discarded from a window shortly after birth in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania, Bollywood Fever: Emily Dickinson, 20, and Joshua Wooters, 19, of Pennsylvania, have been charged with criminal homicide, conspiracy, and other offenses following the tragic death of their newborn child. The incident, which unfolded on March 11, shocked authorities when Pennsylvania State Police responded to reports of a deceased baby found in the street.

Upon arrival, police discovered the body of the infant, along with a placenta and a bloodstained mattress in a nearby trash bag. The coroner determined the child, less than 24 hours old, had died from exsanguination due to heavy bleeding from the umbilical stump.

Initial investigations led authorities to the couple’s apartment, directly above where the infant was discovered. A subsequent search uncovered blood on the bedroom mattress and bathroom windowsill, prompting further scrutiny.

During police interviews, Wooters initially denied any knowledge of the child but later confessed after DNA tests confirmed paternity. He recounted waking to Dickinson in labor, where she allegedly severed the umbilical cord with a kitchen knife without proper clamping. Wooters claimed Dickinson then disposed of the newborn out of the window, leading him to help discard the bloody mattress and other items.

Pennsylvania Duo Charged with Homicide After Newborn's Tragic Death

Dickinson, in her statement to police, revealed she had only realized her pregnancy a month prior and had considered options like abortion or adoption but did not pursue them due to financial constraints. She admitted to hallucinating and not thinking clearly during the incident, recalling discarding the baby believing it to be deceased, and acknowledging she did not attempt CPR despite being a certified nurse.

Neither suspect called emergency services following the incident. Bail for Dickinson and Wooters has been denied, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for July 10 to address the serious charges brought against them in this heartbreaking case.

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