Peyton List Bra Size and Body Measurements

Peyton List Bra Size and Body Measurements, Bust Size, Waist Size, Hips Size


In the enchanting realm of Hollywood, where beauty meets talent, Peyton List emerges as a luminous star whose charisma knows no bounds. Beyond her acting prowess and undeniable screen presence, Peyton List is celebrated for her ethereal beauty that captivates audiences around the globe. 

As we delve into the intricacies of her physical allure, our focus turns to the delicate details that add to the tapestry of her charm – Peyton List’s bra size and body measurements. This exploration is not merely an examination of numbers; rather, it is a tribute to the breathtaking beauty that Peyton List effortlessly exudes, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of admirers worldwide. Join us on this journey as we unravel the dimensions of her allure and celebrate the radiant persona that defines Peyton List.

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Peyton List Bra Size and Body Measurements
Peyton List Bra Size and Body Measurements

Peyton List Bra Size and Body Measurements

Peyton List, the epitome of grace and elegance, stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m), her statuesque figure commanding attention wherever she goes. With a weight of 55 kg (121 lbs), Peyton embodies a harmonious blend of poise and vitality that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Her body measurements, a testament to her enviable proportions, are a captivating 33-25-35 inches (83.82-63.5-88.9 cm). Peyton’s allure extends to her bust, measuring at 33 inches (83.82 cm), with a perfectly complementing bra size of 32B and a cup size that accentuates her natural beauty – a letter ‘B’ that stands for both balance and brilliance.

The sculpted elegance continues with a svelte waist measuring 25 inches (63.5 cm), seamlessly flowing into hips that boast a circumference of 35 inches (88.9 cm). In the world of fashion, Peyton List graces a dress size 5, effortlessly embodying the style and sophistication that define her every appearance.

Her shoe size, a delicate 6 US, mirrors the subtlety of her steps as she navigates the realms of Hollywood and beyond. Peyton’s body type, an enchanting hourglass silhouette, is a celebration of curves and contours that make her a vision of timeless beauty.

Delving into the finer details, Peyton’s hazel eyes shimmer with a depth that reflects her multifaceted talent, while her blonde locks cascade in a cascade of golden radiance, completing the portrait of a Hollywood icon. In every aspect, Peyton List personifies the perfect blend of beauty, grace, and charisma, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of glamour.

  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m)
  • Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
  • Body Measurements: 33-25-35 inches or (83.82-63.5-88.9 cm)
    • Bust Size: 33 inches or 83.82 cm
    • Bra Size: 32B
    • Cup Size: B
    • Waist Size: 25 inches or 63.5 cm
    • Hips Size: 35 inches or 88.9 cm
  • Dress Size: 5
  • Shoe Size: 6 US
  • Body Type: Hourglass
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Blonde

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In conclusion, Peyton List emerges not only as a formidable talent in the entertainment industry but also as a paragon of physical grace and beauty. 

Her statuesque height, complemented by a harmonious blend of measurements, paints a portrait of timeless elegance. 

From the delicate curves of her hourglass figure to the subtleties of her hazel eyes and flowing blonde hair, Peyton List captivates audiences with an allure that transcends mere statistics. As we celebrate her achievements, it’s evident that Peyton List’s beauty is not confined to numbers; it is a radiant expression of charisma that continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of glamour and beyond.

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