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Puneet rajkumar : I had no proper schooling, just wanted to make money and have fun

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Happy birthday to Kannada’s power star puneet rajkumar son of legendary actor Rajkumar is one of the most followed star in karnataka

Recently in an interview with times of india when asked about his childhood he said

I had no proper schooling most of my time spent with friends roaming around, I just wanted to make money and have fun.

My concern was not getting taunted that i was enjoying my father money if any one would have said it Appana duddu maza madtavne (enjoying money of his father) i wouldnt taken it

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This is the reason i wanted to make money of my own i have done many business, i was an active stock trader for long time – puneet said

Puneet started his acting career with super hit movie appu and then abhi (not counted his childhood films) and became super star with his superb acting and dancing skills

His Rajakumara film has broken many records at the kannada box office

We can see him acting together with boman irani and sayyesha in yuvarathna

and once again may many happy returns of the day to power star puneet rajkumar

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