Ranglal Singhal was arrested for murdering his son Gaurav in south Delhi

Ranglal Singhal was arrested for murdering his son Gaurav in south Delhi

Ranglal Singhal was arrested for murdering his son Gaurav in south Delhi

Bollywoodfever, March 9: Ranglal Singhal was taken into custody for the murder of his son, Gaurav, in the Devli area of South Delhi.

Singhal orchestrated the murder by hiring hitmen as a form of retaliation for Gaurav’s disrespectful behavior and to make a stark example for his wife, who supported Gaurav. Singhal expressed no regret over the act.

Ranglal Singhal was arrested for murdering his son Gaurav in south Delhi

During the investigation, Singhal disclosed to the police that he felt compelled to take drastic action against his 29-year-old son due to a series of disrespectful incidents and physical altercations.

He aimed to exact revenge and simultaneously send a harsh message to his estranged wife for her allegiance to Gaurav, specifically choosing the eve of Gaurav’s wedding for the murder to deepen the impact on her.

The motive was traced back to an altercation that occurred on Wednesday, although plans for Gaurav’s elimination had been brewing in Singhal’s mind for months.

To execute his plan, Singhal enlisted three young men from their neighborhood, paying them Rs 75,000 with a total agreed amount of Rs 1.5 lakh.

The father and son’s relationship was marked by constant disagreements, notably regarding Gaurav’s lavish spending habits.

Singhal harbored a desire for his wife to endure lasting grief for her support of Gaurav, exploiting the timing of his son’s wedding as an opportunity to amplify her distress.

Singhal recounted instances where Gaurav physically assaulted him, actions that were allegedly encouraged by his mother. He described a steady decline in his dignity due to these conflicts.

Unrepentant, Singhal had hinted at taking memorable action the day before the murder.

He lured Gaurav to a secondary family property under the guise of a meeting, where Gaurav was brutally assaulted with iron rods, knives, and scissors, sustaining over 15 injuries.

Ankit Chauhan, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South), reported Singhal’s arrest, facilitated by the Rajasthan police, and the confiscation of Rs 15 lakh and 886 grams of gold from him.

Singhal was planning to escape to another state. He rationalized the murder as a preemptive measure to protect the prospective bride from Gaurav.

The investigation is also exploring the possibility of a dispute between father and son over Gaurav’s choice of spouse.

Singhal, whose income primarily came from rent, and Gaurav, who owned a gym, resided near Raju Park in Devli Extension.

The police were alerted to Gaurav’s disappearance amid his wedding festivities. His body was discovered by relatives in a deserted house close to their primary residence, showing signs of a violent attack.

Source: Times Of India

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