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Rangoli Chandel Blast Richa chaddha in series of tweets

Recently Richa chaddha expressed her views about Kangana Ranaut’s war of words in Bollywood, which has taken B-town by storm.

Talink about her views on kangana she said she dont believe in war of words instead the fuckrey actress confronts the person directly with whom she is have problems.

She said: “If I have a problem with someone, I wouldn’t have a war of words with them on a public platform. This is because I don’t want to say it. Not because I lack the courage. I have the courage and I want to say it sometimes, but I’d say it on-on-one”. 

To this Kangana ranaut’s sister rangoli chandel took twitter and replied richa chaddha in series of tweets

I hear a lot of people like ⁦@RichaChadha⁩ comment about Kangana’s outspokenness, they often insist they choose not to have public war of words. My question is do they have a choice? Are they truly autonomous?


.Can they function if bollywood biggies black list them? Can they create content and survive on their own? Do they have that competence? Can they survive opposition’s counter attacks and bring about the much needed change?


Please understand Kangana slogged for 14 years to earn her freedom, she never spoke the way she does now cause in 14 years she build herself in a way that she will survive even if the whole industry is against her


so her timing of speaking out was also decided a decade ago. Please know if there is a flame burning in the rain there is a reason behind that its not a coincidence. And here are some jobless actors, movie mafia ass lickers


giving her gyan that even though they can but they don’t indulge in public fights. Darling the truth is if you could, you would


.. So please take a seat


Also my sincere advice to all lovely young women out there who r aspiring Kangana Ranauts pls build yourself first then choose ur battles, many heros have fallen,Kangana survived cos she prepared for today many years ago. Struggle, strategy & collective well being is the matra


Looks another episode added in bollywood vs Ranaut sister

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