Raveena Tandon Faces Online Defamation, Files Charges Against Journalist

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Raveena Tandon faces false accusations and files defamation charges against a journalist. The Mumbai Police confirm the allegations are untrue, and Tandon’s bravery is recognized amidst ongoing support from fans and the entertainment industry.

Mumbai, India (Bollywood Fever): Actress Raveena Tandon recently encountered a distressing situation when a video emerged online, showing her being heckled by a mob. Posted on June 2 by a social media user claiming to be a freelance journalist, the video falsely accused Tandon of being drunk and assaulting a senior citizen. The Mumbai Police later confirmed that these allegations were baseless and untrue.

In response to these false accusations, Tandon has decided to press defamation charges against the journalist. A defamation notice, dated June 12, has been sent to the individual involved. Tandon’s lawyer, Sana Raees Khan, elaborated on the situation: “Recently an attempt was made to embroil Raveena in a false and frivolous allegation which was clarified in CCTV footage and the allegation was withdrawn. However, a person, claiming to be a journalist, is disseminating false information on X regarding the said incident, which is factually incorrect and misleading. This dissemination of false news appears to be a deliberate attempt to tarnish Raveena’s reputation for ulterior motives.”

Despite requests to remove the defamatory video, the journalist has refused to comply. Tandon’s legal team is now taking all necessary measures to protect her reputation and seek redress for the harm caused by these unfounded allegations.

Amidst this turmoil, Tandon’s bravery during the incident has been acknowledged. A source revealed that various organizations are recognizing her courageous efforts in protecting her driver, who was assaulted by the mob. A human rights organization has invited her to Delhi on August 31 to honor her bravery.

The entertainment industry and fans continue to support Raveena Tandon as she seeks justice. The actress remains steadfast in her resolve to clear her name and hold those responsible for spreading false information accountable.

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