Rebecca Loos’ Affair Claims: The Scandal That Rocked David and Victoria Beckham

Rebecca Loos' Affair Claims: The Scandal That Rocked David and Victoria Beckham

Rebecca Loos’ allegations of an affair with David Beckham in 2004 caused a media frenzy and impacted the Beckhams’ relationship. Discover the story behind the scandal and its aftermath.

Bollywood Fever: Rebecca Loos famously claimed she had an affair with David Beckham in 2004, with the footballer vehemently denying the claims.

Her public claims of an affair with David led his wife, Victoria Beckham, to describe the aftermath as the “hardest period” for both of them. In Tom Bower’s latest book, The House of Beckham: Money, Sex and Power, it’s claimed Rebecca decided to break her silence about her alleged affair with the former England captain after being disgusted by David’s behavior towards a waitress.

Rebecca Loos' Affair Claims: The Scandal That Rocked David and Victoria Beckham

She alleged that she walked in on him in bed with Spanish model Esther Cañadas. It was claimed the incident happened when an upset Posh Spice called Rebecca to find her husband, who was said to be at a party at Cristiano Ronaldo’s villa.

Rebecca reportedly found him in a bedroom with the model at 3 am and told him that she ‘had his wife on the phone.’ He got up to answer the call, and she claimed she saw the model in the bed, which made her feel ‘very hurt.’ Rebecca told her friend at the time, “I thought I was the only one.”

In the days that followed Rebecca’s story dominating headlines around the world, Beckham’s PR team quickly whipped up an image of unity at the snowy Courchevel ski resort to safeguard Brand Beckham’s image. “In a bravura performance, the couple clung to each other with an iron grip on his hand. Then they performed a piggy-back and smiled,” notes Bower in his book.

Rebecca Loos' Affair Claims: The Scandal That Rocked David and Victoria Beckham

However, their closed-door affairs weren’t as picture-perfect. “Once the show was over, they disappeared into their chalet….as everyone drifted off, one journalist looked through the Beckhams’ chalet window. Posh was slapping Beckham hard on his face. Beckham, famous for his ‘short fuse,’ did not retaliate.”

Victoria’s transition to Spain was difficult, making her life there unenjoyable. “Her life in Madrid was lonely and unhappy. Although she had everything money could buy, she was isolated. With few friends, she was unwilling to learn Spanish. Her diet, rigorous exercise, and chain-smoking reflected her anxieties.”

In recent years, Rebecca has stepped back from the limelight and rarely makes media appearances. She is now a married mother-of-two, living in Norway where she works as a yoga teacher and massage therapist. Opening up in the Netflix docuseries Beckham, David and Victoria explained how damaging the allegations were for their relationship.

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