Robert De Niro Reacts to Trump’s Guilty Verdict: ‘Justice Has Been Served’

Robert De Niro Reacts to Trump's Guilty Verdict 'Justice Has Been Served'

Robert De Niro recently shared his thoughts on Donald Trump’s guilty verdict. Known for his outspoken views, the Hollywood legend’s commentary comes at a significant time.

Iconic actor Robert De Niro, who has frequently clashed with the former president, could not hide his excitement at the news, though he believes more needs to be done regarding the elections.

Robert De Niro Reacts to Trump's Guilty Verdict 'Justice Has Been Served'

Robert De Niro Believes ‘Justice Is Served’ Amid Donald Trump’s Guilty Verdict

De Niro expressed satisfaction with Trump‘s conviction on all 34 counts in his hush-money case, marking the first time a former U.S. president faced criminal charges. Speaking at a Cinema Society screening of his new movie, “Ezra,” in New York City, he shared his reaction.

“I’m always very wary. I don’t wanna get too excited about anything,” De Niro stated, acknowledging the fairness of the verdict. “It’s as it should be. Justice has been served. That’s it.”

Despite his satisfaction, De Niro remained cautious about Trump’s political future, especially concerning the 2024 presidential election. “For me, it’s not over ’til it’s over,” he said, referring to the fervent support Trump continues to receive from his followers as “craziness.”

The 80-year-old actor also mentioned his plans to continue campaigning for President Joe Biden. When asked if he would do more, De Niro told Page Six, “I’m planning on it. We’ll see at this point.”

Donald Trump Is Disqualified From Presidency

Donald Trump Found Guilty On All 34 Counts In Trial

Trump, whom De Niro accused of wanting to “destroy” the United States, was found guilty on all counts by a Manhattan jury. During the reading of the verdict, the jury foreman pronounced “guilty” for each of the 34 charges, with Trump slouched in his seat, reflecting the gravity of the moment. He awaits sentencing on July 11, facing up to four years in federal prison, though probation is possible.

Robert De Niro Reacts to Trump's Guilty Verdict 'Justice Has Been Served'

Trump Slammed Guilty Verdict, Accused Biden Administration Of Rigging Trial

Despite his demeanor in court, Trump reiterated his claim that he was targeted by the Biden administration. Outside the courtroom, he declared, “Our whole country is being rigged right now. This was done by the Biden administration in order to wound, to hurt an opponent. A political opponent.” He vowed to appeal the verdict, emphasizing that the fight is far from over. “We’ll keep fighting, we’ll fight till the end, and we’ll win because our country has gone to hell. We don’t have the same country anymore, we have a divided mess,” Trump stated.

Donald Trump Jr. Also Reacted To Verdict

Donald Trump Jr. expressed disappointment and frustration with the outcome, calling it “a sad day for America.” He criticized the jury and the judge, suggesting bias. “The Democrats have succeeded in their years-long quest to turn our country into an absolute cr-p hole,” he said.

Trump Called Robert De Niro ‘Mentally Unbalanced’

In response to De Niro’s criticisms, Trump launched scathing remarks via his Truth Social page. He mocked De Niro’s mental and physical stature, stating, “I never knew how small, both mentally and physically, Wacko Former Actor Robert De Niro was.” He accused De Niro of suffering from “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME” and implied a decline in his career since entering the political arena at the request of Joe Biden.

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