Rubi Rose Confirms Single Status After Split with Comedian Druski

Rubi Rose Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Rubi Rose announces she is single after a brief relationship with comedian Druski. The rapper shares her status and addresses fans’ reactions.

Bollywood Fever: Rubi Rose and comedian Druski have parted ways, as the rapper recently announced she is single and ready to mingle.

Rubi Rose Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements
Pic: Instagram Of Rubi

Rubi Rose Announces She’s Single

On June 22, Rubi encountered blogger ramboistalking, who asked the Kentucky rapper about her favorite love song. Her unexpected response, captured in a video shared on social media, took many by surprise.

“F*ck love, OK,” Rubi exclaimed, grabbing the mic. “I’m single, guys,” she added before walking away, leaving spectators stunned.

Rubi Rose and Druski’s Brief Romance

Rubi Rose first sparked dating rumors with Druski, the head of Coulda Been Records, in April. The speculation began after the pair posted a romantic photo together, showing the comedian caressing Rubi’s head as she made a kissing face at him. Initially thought to be a joke, their relationship seemed genuine with subsequent public displays of affection on social media.

Rubi Rose Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements
Pic: Instagram Of Rubi

Last month, a video of Rubi Rose cooking spaghetti for Druski went viral. In the clip, she replaced traditional spaghetti sauce with ketchup, pouring generous amounts onto a pan of cooking ground meat. This unconventional dish drew criticism and jokes from fans.

“Mane wtf Rubi rose on ketchup don’t go in spaghetti boo ik ts taste just like Shelby county schools lunch,” one person commented on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Watching Rubi Rose put ketchup in her spaghetti made me gag. That’s some trailer park s**t,” another post read.

Despite the backlash, Druski seemed unfazed. “Yum spaghetti night,” he captioned the post.

Moving Forward

Rubi Rose’s announcement that she is single marks the end of her short-lived relationship with Druski. The rapper’s candid declaration has left fans curious about what’s next for her in both her personal and professional life.

Watch the video of Rubi Rose announcing her single status following her brief relationship with comedian Druski below.

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