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Salman khan may reunite kapil and sunil

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One of producer of The kapil sharma show salman khan may reunite kapil sharma and sunil grover reported by asian age as per their sources

Salman khan wanted his co actor of his movie bharat sunil grover to reunite with kapil sharma so that the show could go a notch higher

as quoted he will bring sunil grover to promote bharat on kapil sharma show and wants him to continue being in the show

This is not the first time earlier salman wanted them to reunite in december 2018

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Sunil – “Salman sir is producing that show. My own dates would have clashed with Kapil’s show as I am doing a film with Salman sir. This show that I am doing for Star Plus fitted in the window that I had. But he did speak to me briefly about it. We had a very casual chat about it but nothing much.”

We hope we will see kapil and sunil together once again

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