Search for Missing Brit Jay Slater in Tenerife Ends After Nearly Two Weeks

Search for Missing Brit Jay Slater in Tenerife Ends After Nearly Two Weeks

Police have ended their nearly two-week search for 19-year-old Brit Jay Slater in Tenerife. Despite extensive efforts, the case remains unsolved.

Bollywood Fever: Police have ended their search for 19-year-old Brit Jay Slater, who went missing in Tenerife nearly two weeks ago. Jay disappeared on Monday, June 17, after attempting to make a long walk back to his accommodation on the island while attending the NRG rave festival. The apprentice bricklayer had traveled to an Airbnb in the village of Masca, approximately a 40-minute drive from where he was staying, before trying to walk back.

Search for Missing Brit Jay Slater in Tenerife Ends After Nearly Two Weeks

The Civil Guard announced on Sunday that the near fortnight-long search, which involved sniffer dogs, a helicopter, and mountain rescue experts searching in mountainous terrain, had come to an end. A spokeswoman stated, “The search operation has now finished although the case remains open.”

The search officially ended at 10 am on Sunday morning. Media outlets arriving at the usual viewpoint meeting spot found it deserted. Just 24 hours earlier, around 30 rescue workers and dozens of journalists had gathered in the area following an appeal for help from volunteers by Tenerife’s top cop, Angel Sanz Coronado.

A well-placed source revealed, “The daily operation which has been going on in and around Masca close to where Jay was last seen has been brought to an end. If any information comes in that merits a new search though it will be acted upon.”

“My understanding is Jay’s parents have been informed of what obviously is a major development. Nothing of any relevance was found during yesterday’s large-scale search.”

Officers on Saturday had still maintained that the search would continue with no plans to end it. However, just six volunteers turned up, including British TikToker and amateur mountaineer Paul Arnott, 29, who is assisting the family from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire.

Search for Missing Brit Jay Slater in Tenerife Ends After Nearly Two Weeks

Jay was last seen by a local resident in Masca in northwest Tenerife just after 8 am on June 17, walking northwards along the road out of the village after stopping to ask for directions. His phone last pinged near a lookout point where search teams gathered yesterday for the final day of the operation.

Friend Lucy Law mentioned that Jay had called her shortly after he was last seen, saying he was thirsty, had no water, and just one percent battery on his phone. Despite the suspension of the mountain search, the Civil Guard says the ‘parallel’ investigation by police investigators is continuing.

The major investigation has seen the involvement of top detective Mark Williams-Thomas, who traveled to Tenerife to help find answers for the family. The case has also been mired in speculation from online sleuths and armchair detectives offering baseless theories.

Addressing reporters on the island on Wednesday, Mr. Williams-Thomas appealed for two British men, who Jay left with on Sunday night after meeting them while out, to come forward. The Civil Guard has since ruled out the duo.

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