Seattle Police Officer Fired for Using Racist and Sexist Slurs Against Neighbor

Seattle Police Officer Fired for Using Racist and Sexist Slurs Against Neighbor

Seattle police officer Burton Hill was fired for using racist and sexist slurs against his Chinese American neighbor, Zhen Jin. The incident highlights ongoing concerns about professionalism and bias in the police force.

Seattle, Bollywood Fever: A Seattle police officer, Burton Hill, was terminated in May for using racist and sexist slurs against his Chinese American neighbor, Zhen Jin, in 2022. The Seattle Times reported that the altercation stemmed from a dispute over the disposal of dog bones at their condominium complex in suburban Seattle.

The Seattle Office of Police Accountability (OPA) had recommended disciplinary actions ranging from a 30-day suspension to termination. Hill was ultimately fired by then-police Chief Adrian Diaz on May 2, as confirmed by police spokesperson Eric Muñoz.

The former police chief, Adrian Diaz, was himself removed from his position in late May by Mayor Bruce Harrell following lawsuits alleging that the police force under his leadership was unwelcoming and discriminatory toward women and people of color. Diaz has denied these allegations.

Audio of the altercation between Hill and Jin, published by The Stranger newspaper and quoted extensively in the final OPA report, revealed Hill using derogatory terms for women and East Asian people, repeatedly calling Jin “stupid” and threatening her with jail over allegedly throwing food scraps that Hill’s dog tried to eat.

OPA Director Gino Betts Jr. sustained two of the three allegations against Hill related to officer professionalism and bias-based policing, while a third allegation about officers not using their authority for personal gain was found inconclusive. The OPA report was published earlier this month.

The Seattle Times reported that messages seeking comment from the Seattle Police Officers Guild and the Office of Police Accountability were not returned.

Michael Itti, executive director of the Chinese Information and Service Center, praised Jin for her courage in filing the complaint against Hill. Itti noted that many involved with his group were pleased with the outcome, emphasizing the importance of the Police Department upholding its values of professionalism.

According to the investigation, Hill admitted to investigators that the voice on the recording sounded like his, expressing regret by stating, “you shouldn’t say those things … And it actually makes me sick that I actually said that to her.”

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