Shark Attack on Texas Beach: Woman Mauled and Stalked by Predator

Shark Attack on Texas Beach: Woman Mauled and Stalked by Predator

A woman was attacked and stalked by a shark on South Padre Island, Texas. Authorities respond with patrols and consider closing the beach.

Texas, Bollywood Fever: A woman was seen being stalked by a shark after the predator mauled her on a Texas beach.

The incident occurred on South Padre Island, Texas, on Thursday morning, necessitating a team of rescuers to haul the woman to shore. Footage from the scene shows a dorsal fin swimming back and forth near the shoreline as the woman lay on the sand, with blood from her wound turning the waters dark red. First responders quickly wrapped a tourniquet around her leg.

According to a statement by Texas Parks and Wildlife, the woman was one of two people bitten at the beach on Independence Day. Two others also encountered the shark but managed to escape unharmed.

“Details at this time indicate that two people were bitten and two people encountered the shark but were not seriously injured,” the statement read. “The two victims who were bitten were transported to Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville where one is being treated and the other has been flown out for further treatment.”

Shark Attack on Texas Beach: Woman Mauled and Stalked by Predator

Local game wardens, the Texas Game Warden Marine Tactical Operations Group, DPS helicopters, and SPI PD and Cameron County rangers assisted with beach patrol and crowd control. No further details are known at this time.

The statement added that shark encounters are rare in Texas and typically result from mistaken identity. Game Warden Capt. Chris Dowdy with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stated that authorities believe a single shark about 6 feet long was responsible.

Dr. Kelsey Banks, a scientist with the Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation at Texas A&M, told CBS News that the video suggested a “larger shark species.” “Larger coastal species have been known to increase feeding behaviors and remain closer to shore prior to large meteorological disturbances,” Banks noted.

Due to the shark, officers deployed drones, boats, and helicopters to locate the predator, and the city is considering closing the beach.

In March, a 14-foot great white shark was spotted near South Padre Island, according to local radio station KNFM. The 3,000-lb predator reportedly came within 100 yards of the beach.

This incident follows recent shark attacks in Walton Beach, Florida, where a 45-year-old woman and two female teenagers, aged 15 and 17, were attacked early last month. The woman sustained significant trauma and amputation of her left lower arm, while the teenagers were attacked while swimming near the sandbar. All three victims were visiting the area.

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