Shiva Rajkumar All Films Hit Flop Box Office Analysis

Shiva Rajkumar All Films Hit Flop Box Office Analysis Filmography Box Office Verdict and Success Ratio

Nagaraju Shiva Puttaswamy Aka Shiva Rajkumar is an Indian actor, producer and Television presenter born on 12 July 1961.

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Born in Madras (now Chennai), Tamil Nadu, to legendary actor Dr. Rajkumar and film producer Parvathamma as the first of five children.

His two brothers are Raghavendra Rajkumar, a film producer and Kannada actor and Puneeth Rajkumar, an actor in Kannada cinema.

Shiva did his schooling in T. Nagar, Chennai and then studied at the New College, Chennai.

On the insistence of film director K. Balachander, Shiva joined an acting school in Chennai after completing his graduation from Madras University in 1983.

After getting trained in Kuchipudi dance from Vempetti Chinni Sathyam in Chennai during his college days, he made an entry into the Kannada film industry with Anand.

Married Geeta, the daughter of the former Chief Minister of Karnataka, S. Bangarappa.

The couple have two daughters: Niveditha and Nirupama.

Started his acting career with the film Anand in 1986, In his career spanning over 34 years, he acted in a variety of roles.

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The most notable movies of his career are Janumada JodiJogi, Anand, Ratha SapthamiNammoora Mandara HooveOm and Chigurida Kanasu.

Acted in Sugreeva, which was shot in 18 hours. His Om, directed by Upendra, set a trend of gangster movies in Kannada and other film industries in India.

Recipient of Kohinoor of South India honour by the British South India Council of Commerce and Visionnaire Entertainment – London in 2016.

Honorary doctorate from Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University of Bellary (2014). Shiva Rajkumar All Films Hit Flop Box Office Analysis

Shiva Rajkumar All Films Hit Flop Box Office Analysis
Shiva Rajkumar All Films Hit Flop Box Office Analysis

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Shiva Rajkumar All Films Hit Flop Box Office Analysis

From 2000 to Till Date

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Sl NoFilmRelease DateBox Office Verdict
123Drona6-Mar-20Semi Hit
122Ayushman Bhava15-Nov-19Hit
121Rustum28-Jun-19Super Hit
119The Villain18-Oct-18Average
116Mass Leader11-Aug-17Hit
115Bangara s/o Bangarada Manushya19-May-17Average
113Santheyalli Nintha Kabira29-Jul-16Hit
112Shivalinga12-Feb-16Super Hit
111Killing Veerappan1-Jan-16Super Hit
105Andhar Bahar5-Apr-13Flop
103Shiva28-Aug-12Semi Hit
102Jogayya19-Aug-11Super Hit
101Mylari24-Dec-10Super Hit
100Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu6-Aug-10Flop
97Devaru Kotta Thangi9-Nov-09Average
96Bhagyada Balegara11-Sep-09Average
95Hatrick Hodi Maga8-May-09Flop
93Paramesha Paanwala5-Dec-08Average
92Bandhu Balaga26-Jun-08Flop
90Sathya In Love28-Mar-08Hit
89Lava Kusha14-Dec-07Hit
88Gandana Mane24-Aug-07Average
86Thayiya Madilu12-Jan-07Average
85Gandugali Kumara Rama4-Aug-06Flop
84Thavarina Siri19-May-06Average
82Anna Thangi4-Nov-05Super Hit
79Rakshasa25-Mar-05Super Hit
77Kanchana Ganga24-Dec-04Flop
75Rowdy Aliya6-Feb-04Average
74Chigurida Kanasu2-Oct-03Hit
73Nanjundi22-Aug-03Semi Hit
71Sri Ram29-May-03Super Hit
70Don16-Jan2003Semi Hit
69Thavarige Baa Thangi1-Nov-02Blockbuster
68Ninne Preethisuve9-Aug-02Semi Hit
67Kodanda Rama17-May-02Average
65Sundara kanda28-Sep-01Flop
64Baava Baamaida23-Aug-01Semi Hit
63Bahala Chennagide25-Jul-01Average
60Maduve Aagona Baa1-Jan-01Flop
59Galate Aliyandru29-Sep-00Hit
57Devara Maga15-Jun-00Semi Hit
56Krishna Leele5-May-00Flop
54Hagalu Vesha24-Mar-00Semi Hit
53Yare Nee Abhimani10-Jan-00Average
Shiva Rajkumar All Films Hit Flop Box Office Analysis

Shiva Rajkumar All Films Hit Flop Box Office Analysis

From 1986 to 1999

52Hrudaya Hrudaya17-Sep-99Hit
50A.K. 4717-Jun-99Blockbuster
47Gadibidi Krishna23-Oct-98Semi Hit
46Bhoomi Thayiya Chochchala Maga18-Sep-98Semi Hit
45Mr. Putsami7-Aug-98Flop
43Kurubana Rani6-Feb-98Super Hit
42Nammoora Huduga9-Jan-98Average
41Prema Raga Haadu Gelathi28-Nov-97Flop
40Jodi Hakki5-Sep-97Semi Hit
38Muddina Kanmani1-Aug-97Flop
37Ammavra Ganda11-Jul-97Average
36Simhada Mari6-Jun-97Super Hit
35Ganga Yamuna4-Apr-97Hit
34Janumada Jodi15-Nov-96Blockbuster
32Nammoora Mandara Hoove5-Aug-96Blockbuster
31Annavra Makkalu31-May-96Semi Hit
30Shiva Sainya26-Apr-96Average
29Gajanura Gandu19-Jan-96Flop
28Ibbara Naduve Muddina Aata12-Jan-96Hit
27Dore3-Nov-95Super Hit
25Mana Midiyithu4-Aug-95Flop
24Gadibidi Aliya4-July-95Super Hit
19Gandhada Gudi Part 217-Mar-94Hit
18Jaga Mechida Huduga3-Dec-93Super Hit
17Ananda Jyothi21-Sep-93Flop
15Mavanige Thakka Aliya10-Oct-92Average
13Midida Shruthi6-Feb-92Super Hit
12Modada Mareyalli24-May-91Hit
11Aralida Hoovugalu15-Feb-91Super Hit
10Mruthyunjaya1-Aug-90Super Hit
9Aasegobba Meesegobba1-Mar-90Super Hit
8Ade Raaga Ade Haadu26-Jun-89Super Hit
7Inspector Vikram25-May-89Average
6Ranaranga28-Oct-88Super Hit
5Samyuktha26-May-88Super Hit
4Shiva Mecchida Kannappa24-Mar-88Hit
3Manamecchida Hudugi31-July-87Super Hit
2Ratha Sapthami12-Dec-86Super Hit
1Anand19-Jun-86Super Hit
Shiva Rajkumar All Films Hit Flop Box Office Analysis

Shiva Rajkumar All Films Hit Flop Box Office Analysis

Total Number Of Films : 123 (Cameos Excluded)

Blockbuster : 10

Super Hit/ Hit :47

Semi Hit / Average : 41

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Below Average/Flop/Disaster : 25

Success Ratio : 80%

Success ratio is calculated considering ATBB blockbuster Super hit hit semi hit above average and average movies


Disclaimer: The Box Office Data are compiled from various sources and by our own research. These data can be approximate and Bollywood fever does not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. Shiva Rajkumar All Films Hit Flop Box Office Analysis

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Shiva Rajkumar All Films Hit Flop Box Office Analysis

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