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Sholay Actor Mac Mohan’s daughters Ready To Skate in Bollywood

Sholay’s Samba late mac mohan’s daughtera are making India’s first feature film on skateboarding, titled Desert Dolphin.

The iconic character of sholay yes samba late mac mohan made that character iconic, now his daughters Manjari and Vinati Makijany making India’s first feature film on saktes, titled Desert Dolphin.


And they wrapped the shooting and posted

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, the film is set in a remote village in Rajasthan. It is about 16-year-old Prerna, a village girl who fights all odds to skate. During her fight she meets Jessica, 34, a graphic artist from Los Angeles who’s looking for deeper joy in life. For the film, the makers have made India’s largest skatepark, spread across 14,500 square feet with 100 ramps, in the Khempur village near Udaipur.

Talking to the daily, Majari said, “Upon further research and meeting the skaters there, I realised the concept was inspired by Skateistan in Afghanistan. This led me to dig deeper and I began my research in September 2016, immersing myself in the correlation between skating and social change.”


Vinati, producer of the film said “During auditions, we reached out to the skateboarding communities in India. I travelled to Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, villages in Rajasthan and Mumbai and spent a few days workshopping with over 3000 kids.”

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