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Soccer superstar David Beckham has been banned from driving in England for Using Cell Phone

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David Beckham on Thursday gets banned from driving for six months in England after he was caught using a cell phone while behind the wheel last year reported by BBC.

The soccer superstar previously pleaded guilty to using his mobile phone while driving his Bentley in central London.

The infraction added six points to his license. He previously received six for speeding issues, BBC

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Beckham was looking down at his phone at “knee level” while traffic was moving slowly.

He was also fined £750, ordered to pay £100 in prosecution costs and a £75 surcharge fee within seven days.

District Judge Catherine Moore said she acknowledged the slow pace of the traffic but told him there was “no excuse” under the law.

Upon leaving the hearing Beckham, who had arrived at court in a chauffeur driven black Range Rover, got back into the car and departed without speaking to the press.

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